I love fashion but I‘m not a fashion fanatic in the sense that I‘m following all the latest hypes and trends in my own personal style.

For me, fashion sense is not about buying the latest trendsetting designer clothes but rather to buy clothes that compliment your body shape and express your own personality.

I‘m not addicted to labels either. I don‘t mind a good designer piece if it‘s something I really love, but I can be just as happy about a vintage piece I found in a Thrift store or on a flea market.

It‘s really the mixture that does it.

Thanks to the internet, we all have access these days to a variety of great blogs about street styles and other peoples‘ very unique styles. For me that‘s a great source of inspiration and what makes fashion so much „fun“ for me.

Beauty comes in all shapes and varieties and doesn‘t have to follow the rules of any designers or fashion magazines (nor do we all have to look like stick-like size-zero models to be beautiful :).

Beauty lies within us all!

That‘s what I truly believe!

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An AWESOME blog by Ari Seth Cohen, who teaches us something about respecting our elders and how to age "in style".

I ADORE Cohen's work here!
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Another inspiring lifestyle blog by New York based Nicolette Mason. She's got an amazing personal style and is a great photographer!
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