Monday, 18 May 2015

Mad Men - Goodbye Don Draper

What a ride this was!

Thank you, Matthew Weiner for creating this wonderful character and for taking us on such an amazing journey through the 60s!

I really loved each and every episode of this fabulous show.

I'm gonna miss it.

Miss Roger (the sexy silver fox :), Peggy, Stan, Pete, Joan and the rest of the gang.

I'm really glad they ended Mad Men the way they did. I've seen my share of horrible finales. (Still not over the Dexter disaster!) I'm satisfied with how they tied this up. And yes, the Peggy/Stan romance seemed a bit rushed and out of the blue (they could have build this up more) but I enjoyed that most of the characters got a happy ending (sorry, Betty, you got the short straw!)

Well.. Goodbye Don Draper!

I'll pretend you found your own happy ending after returning to NYC and creating this awesome coca cola add :)))) (In my fantasy, that's what happened off camera)

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