Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A year without you...

Time is a slow healer...

I still miss the sound of your voice,
your laughter and the kindness in your eyes.

So no, time hasn't healed the pain much.

I miss you as much today as I did the day you died.

I just miss you, Mom!

Monday, 24 February 2014

The End....and new beginnings

So it finally happened... I quit my job of ten years!

Well, I actually quit that job in November last year but had to work out my three months notice first, which ended last week.

So what's left aside from an empty keychain?

First and foremost, an immense sense of relief, since I hadn't been happy in that job for quite some time.

As a Taurus I'm not very good with change in general but I desperately needed to re-arrange my priorities. 2013 was a very difficult year for me for many reasons (the loss of my mom, the ongoing house project, some health issues) and I simply had no strength left to drag myself to work each day to a job that left me drained and uninspired.

Something had to give and that was the push I probably needed to move on.

Surprisingly enough, once the decision was made, there was no hesitation at all, no fear of leaving my comfort zone. I was confident that I would find another job quickly (which I did :)

Now things look so much brighter, not just on the job front (really looking forward to the new challenge!) but also on the home front. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I find myself smiling more often and not even the little setbacks in regard to the dream loft can faze me (Hello, clogged up toilet drain!)

So off to pastures new it is! :)

(...and to dealing with the clogged up toilet drain, but that's a different blog post...)