Monday, 30 September 2013

Almost there... (update on the Dream Loft)

It's been months since my last post regarding our "dream loft".
Lots of time, sweat and tears went into our dream loft project and finally, we're starting to see the "finish line" :)

Almost there....

More pictures after the jump.

I've already started adding some decoration to the kitchen (like the vase and the wine rack).
I have also cooked two meals in it already (just couldn't wait to try out the induction cooker :)

The second bathroom and the master bathroom are finished too...

...except for the vanity in the master bathroom which is still with the cabinetmaker (custom made solutions just take a while longer... something we've come to learn).

Central heating, electrical installations, all done. It's awesome to finally being able to "switch on the lights" :)

Well, we're still "behind on schedule" since we hoped to be moving in by the end of September. Right now, Christmas seems the more likely date for our move. Well, Rome wasn't built in one day, so we won't complain about this project taking a while longer than expected. The worst (as in dirt and hassle) is behind us now and anything else will be a piece of cake now.

pictures (c) Lausi


  1. You are slowly but surely getting there. It looks terrific especially the lighting and the shape of the windows. And I see you have a clear color theme going on in each room.

    1. Thanks, girl. Yup, looks like we're almost there. The rest won't be such a hassle anymore.