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Goodbye Don Flack...

Don Flack through 9 seasons...

Caught a fat cold... was holed up inside all day and watched a CSI:NY marathon.

Made me realize how much I used to love this show. Allthough towards the end (over the last two seasons) I think it had run its course and so the cancellation after season 9 didn't come as much of a surprise. Still, I'm gonna miss my favorite TV detective.

Eddie Cahill did an amazing job portraying this character. Kudos also to the writers who never got it wrong with Flack.

It was fun while it lasted.

Here's ten reasons why I loved Don Flack (from a post I did some time back for a fansite)

Ten Things I love about Don Flack

His blue eyes

Starting with the obvious here, his most prominent feature, these incredibly blue eyes.   He‘s got the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on any man. It‘s not just the color, it‘s this „softness“ shining through. They convey trustworthiness and honesty.  They make you feel safe. Does this make sense to anybody else? Or is it just me? (don‘t answer that... rhetorical question :)

His suits and ties

I have a thing for men in suits anyway and I think Flack looks smashing in them. Not that I don‘t like seeing him in casual clothes (that man looks good in ANYTHING) but his wearing suits made sense to me. It underlined his authority and set him apart form the uniformed officers at a crime scene. Just put him into a suit occasionally and I‘m a happy fagirl :)

His sense of humor!

Seriously, he‘s cracked me up so many times on this show that I demand there‘ll be a spin-off comedy, dealing with Don‘s life as a NYPD cop. His sarcasm and witty remarks are priceless. Kudos to the writers who really get it right with Flack! Whoever came up with the idea to give Flack this special sense of humor should win an award!

Some examples:

„That‘s why God made warrants.“

„This is where old street signs go to die.“

I‘m disgusting? Yeah right... I like my girls conscious.“

Jo (to Don): That ring around the blood spot is called skeletonization.


    Don:  Why don‘t they just call it a ring?
   Jo: Okay, that‘s it, forget it, I give up.
   Don: Sorry, but it‘d be so much more interesting if you guys used smaller words.

Don (to Mac): „The lullaby singing is a bit weird, but milk & cookies can happen.“

   Perp: „It‘s an impulse. I don‘t expect you to understand.“
   Don: „No, I get it. It‘s like the impulse I‘m having right now to smash your face in and   
   throw you out that window.“

His loyalty

This is actually the biggest draw this character holds for me. Believe it or not, in season 01 it wasn‘t his good looks that won me over (I found Danny hotter in season 01), but the moment Flack stepped in when the patrol officers talked behind Danny‘s back (in the episode „On the Job“) and later when he talked to Danny in the dinner, I was smitten with him. My first thought was, „okay here is someone who is a true friend.“ Nine seasons down the road and he hasn‘t disappointed! 

There are no gray areas with Don and there have been moments on the show when he‘s been blinded by his loyalty. The situation in season 3 springs to mind when he butted heads with Mac over the investigation of Det. Truby. Don almost refused to help Mac out with his memo-book, even though in the end his sense of justice won out and he provided Mac with the evidence that was needed to bring Truby down.

A similar situation occurred when Sheldon and Stella suggested it was indeed the kid in „Unusual Suspects“ that had robbed a bank. Don‘s „he doesn‘t have it in him to lie like that“ was said with so much conviction, that it left no room for any objections from the „science guys“ as he put it.

However, his being loyal to a fault turns out to be his weak point sometimes, like in „Nothing for Something“ in season 07 when he almost manhandled Raymond Harris who came into the precinct to file a complaint. He was anything but impartial during this case, instead he readily jumped to conclusions where Harris was concerned.

His funny faces

Eddie‘s face is so expressive. Never leaving us with any doubts about what‘s going on inside Don Flack :)

His compassion and sensibility

Even after years as a NYPD cop, he still hasn‘t lost his idealism and his compassion. It shines through from time to time. Agreat moment was his confrontation in „To What End“, where he had persuaded  a young man to testify against the mob and who went into witness protection only to come back later to kill the guy who had sent a hit man out to get him. Flack‘s guilt over the way this young man‘s life had turned out was almost tangible.

And not to forget this amazing episode in season 03 when he talked Stella through the trauma of having shot her ex-boyfriend. He possesses an immense sensibility and is capable of always hitting the right tone. 

 The way he relates to kids. 

He‘s just awesome with kids!
Season 06 Episode „Unusal Suspects“ will forever be on my list of favorite eps.

His honesty and being upfront.
I really can‘t imagine Don Flack deliberately lying to the people he works with, let alone to those who he cares about. That one and only time when he had to (after shooting Angell‘s killer) it nearly ripped him apart. It was so obvious how much he suffered from having crossed that line. 

His love for food (and sweets)

Remember his first words? „Cookie and Cake“ (that made my day. Love me a man with a sweet tooth).  His outlook on sploshing, his knowledge about good wines. There are many references in the show that suggest Don loves food. (Well, as a Taurus, I can relate to that :)

...and then there‘s of course... 

...that gorgeous smile of his....

So, here‘s my heartfelt thanks to the creators of Don Flack and to Eddie Cahill who brought him alive and turned him into such a lovable character.

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  1. I do remember that fansite ;)

    At least you can hold on to your DVDs and re-watch the previous seasons, which were really good. I think I have lost interest after season six and only continued watching it because of Eddie Cahill. He did a great job and was so entertaining as well as gorgeous looking.