Saturday, 13 October 2012

Review: S09.E03 - 2.918 miles...

2.918 miles

(And what title is that?!?!)

Well... it‘s as stupid as this episode was. No really, I was BORED.TO.TEARS.

I don‘t know what‘s going on with this show lately. Not that I had high expectations to begin with, but this was just so blah and made no sense whatsoever.

It‘s no secrete that I never liked any episode where they took Mac and his CSIs to a different location. Why for heaven‘s sake do they have to investigate a crime in San Francisco?! Get real, people! There is absolutely no sense at all in sending Taylor and Jo to SF, together with a FBI guy I may add, for a missing child/suspected homicide case. Even if the case started out in NYC, one would like to believe that there are some capable police officers in SF, no?!

Ever heard of jurisdiction? I can roughly buy into that sort of thing when they are dealing with a serial killer or something equally dramatic, but this? I mean that one time when Mac was a stalker victim - and where he went to Chicago in season 3 - now, that made sense! With some stretch of the imagination maybe even the famous cross-over episodes with CSI and CSIM, but this just didn‘t.

Okay... end of rant about that pet peeve of mine.

Aside from the stupidity that they travelled to SF, the whole case was lame as well. So a fifteen year old teenage girl runs off with her guy, he gets her hooked on drugs and then she comes up with the idea of „staging“ her own death by letting her boyfriend beat her up and sending the photos to her parents so that they won‘t come looking. 

Yeah right. Sending the loving parents pictures of their murdered kid is guaranteed to put their mind at ease and stop trying to find her.  

Goodness, it reads as bad here on paper as it was watching this. 

Not only that but the writers and film crew really made sure they hit every cliche on their way through SF town. Not only did they show us the traditional landmarks like Golden Gate Bridge, Haight Ashbury, etc.  they had to lead Mac/Jo straight into a hippie commune which consisted mainly of people and kids drugged out of their minds.(part of me was expecting them to make a quick detour to Alcatraz, just to make sure we all GET that they are in SF).


There was no surprise to the predictable ending of this episode either. Of course Mac - the knight in shining armor again -  easily catches the bad guy, finds the girl and talks the kid into coming back with them. 

There were so many things that just annoyed the hell out of me in this episode. For example, the team uses the photographs they found in the other victim‘s backpack to ask Sid whether he thinks the girl on the photos is dead or not. I dare say, no half-way professional ME would make such an assumption from looking at some pictures only. Sid himself said so at first, but then they examined the pics more closely and find out that she‘s still alive from the mist  that is visible on the glass of her wristwatch. Seriously? It never fails to amaze me how detailed and sharp some of the visual evidence is the CSIs gather from the scene.  (That goes for security camera shots and phone camera shots as well!)    

Anyway... this whole episode had me rolling my eyes in frustration. 

Not even the Don-bantering-with-the-new-girl scene could save this episode for me. Even though he was so dead cute when he was defending his team and cheering for his beloved Yankees and all. What ruined this scene for me was how obviously the writers had just copied another Don/Angell situation. At least their bantering in the car here reminded me strongly of a similar scene between him and Angell back in earlier seasons. I really don‘t understand why they killed off that great character only to bring back the same type of girl three seasons further on.  Don‘t they have some own,  more original ideas for that character? Plus, it was so annyoing when in that same scene Lovato is the toughie again, tackling the bad guy and putting the cuffs on him whereas Don seems to have the reaction span of an anvil here.  (Yeah, yeah... I know, he was supposed to be distracted by the new chick.... *sigh*)

Needless to say that Don/Eddie was too cute for words throughout his three minutes screen time (or so it seemed to me). I loved the interrogation scene in which he asked the perp how many fingers he can see. So funny! 

And then when he said to Lovato (indicating the perp), „probably a METS fan“ ... hilarious! Seriously, Flack, you‘re the best thing that ever happened to this show! Period!

Aside from the Don scenes, not much to write about. I don‘t know, maybe it‘s just me, but I really couldn‘t make anything of this episode.  

I liked one other scene though, in the beginning of this episode, between Jo and the FBI guy in her apartment. They were making out and her daughter walks in on them. That was kind of fun. I really like the girl who plays Jo‘s daughter. Her reaction to that scene and later to her mother‘s probing about her possible first boyfriend and all was quite believable. 

But that was about the only thing containing a shred of credibility in this episode. 

I truly hope that the next episode will be better. Please, tell me that there is at least one talented writer left to give me back hope that not all is lost on this show and that they deserved a season 8. 

I really love Don/Eddie to bits, but I don‘t want to see this show go further downhill. 


  1. I can't judge the episode as I haven't watched it, but I can totally understand your frustration and anger. From your review I can tell that the writers did once again an excellent job in coming up with something ridiculous and unoriginal. Just by the looks of your gorgeous wallpaper (Don and Lovato)I got pissed, because they seemed to have copied the same scene we have already seen happening between Don and Angell. Seriously? That's what they have come up with? This is so pathetic and they should feel embarrassed. They shouldn't even call themselves writers! I have no other words to describe my disappointment in their lack of professionalism and originality.

    1. yeah, I really don't know why it bugs me so that they're just copying the Don/Angell relationship. I mean Flack is a very attractive man and he can't find a girlfriend anywhere else but in the precinct?


      Besides, had they gone down a different road, giving him a gf outside the NYPD, then they would have had so many more options to explore than to fall back into the same stereo-types.

  2. I don't mind seeing him in a relationship with another detective, because in that line of work you don't have much free time. It's understandable, but she doesn't need to be an exact copy of Angell. The three brothers, for example. She doesn't have to be a tough chick to be interesting. Based on her name, she's a Latina and there's so much more to explore about her. They are passionate women, they have big families so why not explore her heritage rather than trying to force a connection with Flack? What he shared with Angell can't be reproduced and the writers just don't seem to get that.

    1. Yup. I agree with everything you said.

      We'll see where the writers will take us with that relationship. I don't have many hopes though.