Sunday, 7 October 2012

Review: S09.E02 - Where there's Smoke

Where there‘s smoke

... there should be a'd think,  whereas this episode was more like a small puff of hot air.

Here‘s my thoughts on this week‘s episode.

For me the „conclusion“ to the arsonist‘s storyline was disappointing. First of all, I was surprised that the storyline was picked up in the second episode at all. At the end of the premiere it really didn‘t feel to me as if this story needed to be continued. In fact, I thought they had wrapped it up nicely with the way they ended it. 

To continue the story and turning Brooks into a real cold-blooded murderer (who came up with some pretty grim and gruesome ways to kill someone!) just didn‘t make much sense to me. If he was so traumatized by what had happened to him in his foster home, then he should have snapped much sooner I thought. 

Also, the way he killed his victims certainly took a lot of preparations (stalking them, getting a fake job, coming up with a fake identity, finding his foster sister etc.) and I wonder when he had had time to do all this, so shortly after being released from prison. Or maybe he just had some pretty good connections while still in jail?!?!?

I just couldn‘t buy into his story and I always have troubles enjoying an episode if the plot doesn‘t quite work for me. 

Still, there were some elements in here I liked. 

I loved that they had Jo use her FBI skills and trying to put together a profile. Her going through the therapy tapes seemed a good idea and quite realistic to me.  I would have preferred it if it had been her studying the tapes that provided the break-through in this case instead of the new „chick“ coming in and delivering the sought after connection between the victims. 

A word on the new female character they brought in. Is it just me or do all the female detectives they bring in on CSI:NY seem to have been cloned? I don‘t just mean the physical resemblance between Aiden, Angell and Lovato. It‘s this „tough-girl in a boys‘ world“ attitude they exude. I think the writers have exploited this stereo-type to death by now. It would have been refreshing if they had chosen a different way to make this new character interesting instead of her (literally) kicking ass the moment she enters the precinct. 

I‘m not too keen on this new character yet (no surprise there. I‘m not good with change in general)  but then, it‘s too soon to say much about her, so I‘ll try to keep an open mind about Lovato. 

So she‘s supposed to be Don‘s new love interest according to the spoilers?  Yeah... well..  we‘ll see how that goes. I‘m not opposed to giving Flack a girlfriend again, I just think it‘ll be difficult to recreate or even top the chemistry that existed between him and Angell. 

So far, I can‘t see sparks flying there but I‘m certainly looking forward to watching Don bringing on his game and flirting with her in future eps. 

So what else did I like in this episode? I like the fact that the writers once again addressed Mac‘s having problems remembering things. It‘s great when the team notices and starts worrying. 

Danny going to Jo with this was nice and something I imagine Danny doing. I also think that Don caught on when talking to Mac and I‘m curious how this will play out during the rest of the season.

The murders itself were really ewwwww and gruesome - kudos to the special effects crew and the make-up artists. It reminded me of earlier seasons. 

Not much to say about the rest of the episode. Like I mentioned earlier, I didn‘t really buy into the whole story and how Brooks turned so violent all of a sudden. What really made my day though was Don being the hero in the finale confrontation.

That it wasn‘t Mac who tackled Brooks and saved the foster sister was a real surprise to me. Usually in situations like this, it‘s always Taylor who saves the day. So, thank you writers for letting Flack be the one to overpower the bad guy (after all, that‘s his job, right? ;)

Don/Eddie was so cute in this episode. 

It‘s great watching him smile so much. Can‘t wait for the lighter/more humorous  episodes to come around or the one where they follow Flack on his day off. 


  1. So, I couldn't help myself and just had to read your review. As you already know, I have watched the preview clip which didn't impress me, and your review just confirms what I felt. I was looking forward to the new female character, but she's so similar to Angell that the writers should feel embarrassed. And, you are right. These "tough" chick characters are getting boring, because there are many different kind of women that are interesting. The CSI: NY writers seem to have lost all creativity and it's a shame that they are employed. Seriously! The introduction of Lovato and the chair scene was so ridiculous that I decided not to watch it. This has been used so many times before, and it was not even believable how that big guy stumbled over it. I guess a big network like CBS has enough money to keep such a horrible turned TV show on air for a while longer. But it's lacking so much quality all around and that's why I won't watch it anymore.

    Thanks for your review though. I always enjoy reading them, and I'm glad you had a chance to create another gorgeous Don Flack wallpaper. And, of course, I'm happy for you that you got to see him in some cute scenes after all.

    1. I agree with you, the writers seem to have run out of ideas. It's a shame how obviously they are turning Lovato into a second Jess. I don't get it. The only reliable source of joy is Don/Eddie!

      He never disappoints, but not even he can carry a whole season all,on his own.

      I'm not surprised that you have given up on CSI:NY. Your passion for it died down long ago, I know. Guess mine is dwindling rapidly too.

      at least you still enjoy the GORGEOUS man himself :)