Saturday, 29 September 2012

Review: S09.E01 - Reignited

CSI:NY Season 9 premiere... Reignited.

So finally the day has arrived...  the rather unexpected but much appreciated return of our heroes for a season 9. I really couldn‘t wait for iTunes to upload this episode. Read my thoughts after the jump.

Reignited was okay. For a season opener I‘d say it was a bit on the lame side but I really didn‘t expect too much fireworks (if you allow me the pun). With all the indicated „new direction“ the writers/producers spoke of during the hiatus, the emphasize this season is supposed to be more on the characters and less on the cases. 

I haven‘t made up my mind yet whether this is a good thing or not. To be honest, I wouldn‘t have thought we‘d even get another season of this show so any episode - and especially any Don Flack scenes - feel like a bonus to my happy fangirl world. 

I guess that is one reason why I‘m not too disappointed about this season‘s opener, even though the case seemed rather odd to me. Also a bit rushed. One moment the guys are on the ice rink competing in a match with the FDNY (definitely one of the fabulous moments of this episode) and the next there‘s a serial arsonist on the lose who turns from major suspect to police consultant to victim of a „stalker“. All at the blink of an eye it seemed. Insert crazy bitch at the end which goes down in burning flames (literally) and case closed. 

I‘m sure there wasn‘t too much logic applied to it all. 

Not that it bothered me, mind you. 

To be honest,  I didn‘t care much for the case, or the Mac Taylor drama simmering below the surface (impending permanent brain damage? uhm... yeah... okay.... ) or Lindsay standing up for her husband once again (was Danny even in this episode? If so, it can‘t have been more than 30 seconds). Anyway... I didn‘t care... didn‘t care for any of them but for my boy.

It is very possible that at the moment Don Flack appeared on screen my pheromones took over and my brain flew out of the window. 

Goodness, have I missed this guy! I mean really, really missed him.  Eddie‘s looking better than ever. I admit, I peaked into twitter this morning (as in 03 a.m.) to read up on Eddie‘s live tweets during the airing of the show (well... hubby is away on a business trip so I can  shamelessly indulge in this madness without questioning looks from my significant other :) 

I think someone mentioned he looks older with the new haircut and I must say it suits him. Hell, who am I kidding? It makes him even more attractive if that is possible at all. 

However, it isn‘t only Don‘s/Eddie‘s good looks I missed, I missed his sarcasm and bad ass attitude towards criminals and the whole package that makes Don Flack such a joy to watch. One of the writers mentioned that it‘s always great to write for Don Flack and it shows. 

Back to the episode...

The photography, sets and special effects were very good. I‘ve seen some horribly fake explosions/fire on CSI:M back then but they did a good job with CSI:NY here I think. I wouldn‘t say the case was gripping it just floated along so to speak, interrupted by some flashbacks which reminded us of last season‘s finale and the aftereffects of Mac‘s shooting. Taylor‘s new love affair still seems out of place to me. I just can‘t see the chemistry there. I think he had better/more chemistry with his other love interests in previous seasons. Whatever.

Like I pointed out earlier, I didn‘t try to over-analyze the plot or the other characters‘ scenes... I was basically just waiting for Don to appear. Of course he/the writers didn‘t disappoint :)

I absolutely adored Flack in the opening scene on the ice when he was telling Danny and Adam off for fighting instead of focussing on the game. Poor guys had lost five games in a row so no wonder Don was so keen on turning the tables. And goodness did he want to win this time. It was written all over his face. By the way, this whole scene brought back very fond memories of Eddie on Miracle. No wonder he had a blast shooting this scene. 

His other scenes were a joy to watch too. I love it when Don is pissed off. That scene where the fire fighter threatened to punch him was priceless. Goes to show, you better not mess with Flack. Aggressive Don throwing punches... what more could a girl want ;) 

As usual he had some of the best lines:

Don on the ice rink: „Mention my family again and I punch you in the mouth“

Don: „Don‘t do it! Don‘t do it! Don‘t do it! The only reason this whacko hasn‘t set a fire in the last fifteen years is because he‘s been locked up.“
Leonard: „This is the ignition point“
Don: „Yeah, great genius. That was a tough one. Can I lock his ass up again, please?“

Don: „You don‘t have even one ounce of my respect.“

Don: „You better hope you‘re half as smart as you think you are, ,cause when you slip, I‘m gonna be there to kick you the rest of the way down the stairs.“

Gotta love the man :)

Aside from my fangirly moments of drooling over watching Don Flack I wasn‘t too excited about the rest of the episode. It was okay but nothing special. 

A word on the guest actor, Rob Morrow. He was amazing. He played this quirky character in a very believable way. I enjoyed all his scenes.

Well, what else is there to say? I loved having them all back on screen. It almost felt like being reunited with your loved ones during a family get together. Thinking about how long I have been following this series now, you could say these characters are „family“ to me :) 

I‘m curious to see where the writers will take us this season and to explore the more personal side of Don Flack. As for making it a bit lighter and bringing back some humor, I‘m all for it. 

And as for delving into Flack‘s personal life... please make him go swimming on his day off, pretty please... Or a shower scene? *fans self*

What? I‘m dying to get a glimpse of shirtless Flack... so sue me....

If you‘ll excuse me now, I must watch again and fast forward to all the Flack moments... I need to reacquaint myself with the hotness that is Don Flack. 

It‘s been too long....


  1. I would like to read your review and share my thoughts, but I haven't watched the episode yet. In fact, I just saw a preview for the second episode and I got so pissed with its ridiculousness that I'm uncertain whether I will give it a try or not. The low quality and originality on the show has become so obvious that I can't help but wonder why that got another season.

    Anyway, thanks for the gorgeous wallpaper, as always. At least one positive thing came out from CSI: NY's return :)

    1. I hear you, sister! Loud and clear. I'm with you on the quality of the writing etc. Like I said, I just consider every moment of Flack a bonus since I really expected them to get cancelled this season.

      I just uploaded my thoughts on the second episode. Uhm... yeah... well. Forget the plot is all I can say :)

      Nice of you to still stop by especially since I know how busy you are, Joey!


      Yup... gorgeous men make for gorgeous WPs :))))

  2. Of course, I always enjoy checking out your new posts. I'm glad you have found some time again to review each episode and create your gorgeous wallpapers. And, by the way, don't give up completely on your fangirl moments. They keep our hearts pounding with joy :)