Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I definitely got a "type"....

           From left to right: Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner (Hotch) on Criminal Minds; Jon Hamm as Don Draper on 
                                            Mad Men and last but not least... Eddie Cahill as Don Flack on CSI:NY

Looking at my favorite TV-shows and favorite actors I guess you could say I got a certain "type"which is tall, dark and handsome.

(No wonder I fell for my baby so hard all those years ago. He definitely falls under this category too. I'm a very lucky lady to have found such a beautiful man in RL too :)

Just realized Dexter/Michael C. Hall is the exception from that rule (being a red-head). 

Anyway... these are all great fictional characters with awesome actors bringing them alive on screen. 

Can't wait for the fall season to start next week *is excited*


  1. That is so funny, sometimes when I picture Eddie in my head, Thomas' face pops in. Weird! @7373tinkerbell

  2. Hotch is also my fave on Criminal Minds and, of course, Don Flack. Interesting that you fall for dark-haired, tall men. It's the complete opposite with me. I always fall for blond men with blue eyes and well-proportioned. To name my two top guys, Jeremy Renner and Jason Statham.

    Funny, how you ended up with a man your type. My hubby is the complete opposite, but when it comes to love then physical appearance becomes secondary after a while.

    Excited for you that your TV shows will return soon. And, yay for another blog post of yours. It was about time ;)

    1. I ADORE Hotch. He's by far my favorite character on CM, but I like the whole cast actually. Great actors, all of them.

      Blond men don't do much for me even though I can see the attraction in men like JR for example (or Daniel Graig). I agree about what you said regarding true love. It's not about looks. There's so much more to look for in a soulmate :)

      I know, I haven't had time to write/post much. Too exhausted from the house project :) Nice of you to stop by, Joey.

  3. Talking about a particular "type" when it comes to men. I figured mine out as the blond-haired/blue-eyed features aren't always the case. I'm totally attracted to typical guy guys hence my attraction to Jeremy Renner, Jason Statham, Colin Farrell. The tough seeming guys do it for me on every level Haha. Funnily enough, my hubby is the total opposite and I'm the dominant one. Don't know what that means, but we all need to have our crushes, don't we? ;) To keep the butterflies in your stomach alive.

    Of course, I always enjoy stopping by here when I have time. And, it's also good to have a typical girl talk with someone like-minded sometimes.