Saturday, 29 September 2012

Review: S09.E01 - Reignited

CSI:NY Season 9 premiere... Reignited.

So finally the day has arrived...  the rather unexpected but much appreciated return of our heroes for a season 9. I really couldn‘t wait for iTunes to upload this episode. Read my thoughts after the jump.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I definitely got a "type"....

           From left to right: Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner (Hotch) on Criminal Minds; Jon Hamm as Don Draper on 
                                            Mad Men and last but not least... Eddie Cahill as Don Flack on CSI:NY

Looking at my favorite TV-shows and favorite actors I guess you could say I got a certain "type"which is tall, dark and handsome.

(No wonder I fell for my baby so hard all those years ago. He definitely falls under this category too. I'm a very lucky lady to have found such a beautiful man in RL too :)

Just realized Dexter/Michael C. Hall is the exception from that rule (being a red-head). 

Anyway... these are all great fictional characters with awesome actors bringing them alive on screen. 

Can't wait for the fall season to start next week *is excited*

Friday, 7 September 2012

Update: Lausi's Dream Loft...

Can't believe it's been a month since I last posted on my blog here. Well... obviously, it's been a busy time for me and my baby (thanks to our little "dream loft project). Here's an update on the situation:

The outside job is almost done. The roof including chimney is finished and the windows have been fitted (all but the floor-to-ceiling windows for the living room and two French Windows. They'll have to wait until the floor boards have been installed). 

The external insulation will be finished this weekend.

Meanwhile, we've started on insulating the interior walls.

...stuffing rock wool damping... oh what fun... NOT!
(can you say "itchy"?!?!)

...oh and there was lots of wallpaper stripping.... 
Somehow this ended up being mostly my job... uhm... yeah, well.
(Hello shoulder pains. How nice of you to stop by...)

I know I said it before, that it feels as if we'll never be done with everything, but there are some milestones that indicate we are indeed making progress... One of those surely was the moment when the construction crane was dismantled and pulled out of our driveway on Monday.

Hooray! The 24-ton-monster is gone!

Now I'm desperately waiting for the next milestone... when the scaffold will be gone! 
(if we're lucky this will be very soon too.)

all pictures (c) Lausi