Thursday, 12 July 2012

Why we don't need windows anymore...

All Pictures (c) KS.

Why we don't need windows anymore - Letter to our Windows Fitter.

Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for the beautiful, fancy, shiny designer lighting-catalogue.

Really nice!

After a first fleeting glimpse at it  - eliciting many Ohhhhs and Ahhhs already – we finally got round to sit down and take a closer look.

Uhm… what had been our intention again? Just browse for some outdoor lamps only. Right. That can’t take too long.

So, armed with a variety of colored Post-its (hey, we want to go about this in a professional way, right?) we got on with it.

Here’s what transpired:

„But… but… look, honey, aren’t these LED stairways lights gorgeous?“


“And these halogen spots would fit our dressing room perfectly.”


„And what about this fancy office ceiling light?
*followed by a critical look at the existing one currently shining light on us while we browse through the wonders in the catalogue. Uhm… Nahh… afraid this one won’t do anymore.*

„And this table lamp for the sideboard is a must-have too!”

“And let’s not forget the new staircase. Look…. these drop-lights are beautiful.“

„Ohhhh… aren’t these the most perfect pendant lights for the new kitchen?”
*psst… who cares that we haven’t even  the most rudimental plans for the  new kitchen design yet? Guess the kitchen design will have to follow the lighting concept then*

After a first detailed peruse, followed a second round of catalogue browsing with even MORE pages marked by colorful Post-its until we came to the conclusion, forget about the Post-it markers, let’s just buy a lamp from EVERY page of this beautiful catalogue. *euphoric nodding ensues*

What I’m trying to say here is… after we selected all the beautiful lamps (including the Moonlights for the outdoor area), we now can’t afford any windows anymore! You know… for budget reasons etc.

So we have decided to waive the windows in favor of more beautiful lights and lamps.

Sounds reasonable, right?

A colored plastic sheet for covering the gables and dormers will do, don’t you think? 
Just imagine the amazing lighting effects this would bring.

Yes… yes I think we’ll do just that…. and forget about the window fitting. 

Tell me, you haven’t ordered the windows for us yet, have you? Surely, you can use them for someone else with less of an exclusive taste for designer lamps.

I’m off now to rob the piggybank (somehow there has to be some money left for these awesome fa├žade spotlights).
*frantically shaking piggybank*

And right after that, I’ll crotchet myself a new gable window!

Best regards,


PS: BTW, do you know a good support group for lamp-addicts?


  1. *lol* None of those pics have windows, do they? So they're not necessary! I can totally see how you'd want these lovely lamps in your home. They're gorgeous! *glares at grotty old lampshades in own home*

    Is your roof watertight yet? That must be letting a fair amount of light in on its own!

    Ali x

    1. I have quickly come to learn that gorgeous lamps cost an arm and a leg *sigh*

      The roof is watertight now! YAY! Thank God for small miracles. The attic is "taking shape" now and I get a better idea each day what will go where. (I'm useless at reading plans/drawings.)

      Thanks for stopping by, Ali :)

  2. I had no idea that someone could get that excited about lamps. I can't really relate because I was never into interior design but it's lovely to see you so happy and thrilled about it. I can tell how passionate you are about all that and there's no better feeling than that. Glad you find time to play around with some ideas and decorate yourself an individual home.

    1. I'm a Taurus, Joey. I'm prone to love the "finer" things in life. Interior Design or any other form of art/design is guaranteed to catch my interest :)

      Thanks for stopping by, hun.


  3. Gotta admit I don't consider interior design as art. Paintings, photographs and such is art to me. So interesting to get another point of view from an interior design lover.

    Always fun checking out your blog, girl.

    1. Always fun having you stop by :)