Saturday, 23 June 2012

The long and dusty road... our dream loft.

Does this look like an awe-inspiring, soon-to-be „dream loft“ to you?


Yeah well... I admit, it requires some imagination... or rather a brilliant architect (aka my favorite brother-in-law) and lots of faith.

Here‘s the drawings of what it‘s supposed to look like when it‘s done.

Looks nice on paper, doesn‘t it?
To be honest, I belong to the visually challenged ones when it comes to imagining what a house/apartment will look like in real life from the glimpses at the lines on the drawing board only. 
And not in my wildest dreams would I have thought that it would look THAT bad when it comes to tearing down the walls, floors and ceilings. I‘m sure in a tiny part of my brain it must have registered that there will be literally tons of rubble and dirt to get rid of, but somehow I managed to suppress that thought and instead busy myself with envisioning my beautiful new kitchen and bathroom and gallery... etc.
Not quite there yet...

Not by a long shot...

(Will we ever get there? )

(our backyard)

Anyway, now that the workers have started and our backyard is beginning to look like a scene out of „The Hoarders“, I‘m wondering whether I will have the nerve and staying power to get through all this without killing any of the handymen for carrying dust and dirt through my staircase and littering my garden with cigarette ends.
By the way, thanks to the economic crisis and the interest rates being so low, everybody and their aunt is currently building houses or renovating old houses, so that you have to be eternally grateful for the handymen to even show up as planned. 

I kid you not, these guys are to be treated like gods, otherwise they‘ll just disappear, regardless of whether you have a hole the size of Texas in your rooftop and a thunderstorm rolling in. *head desk*
Best hubby in the world already asked me to be „nice“ to them and not bitch about them dropping cigarette ends off the scaffold or ruining our backyard by carelessly parking the excavator shovel on the only green patch of grass there, instead of on the paved ground. 

Nor am I allowed to point out they could very well use the scaffold for getting up to the rooftop level instead of dragging everything through the staircase. (Why again are we paying a fortune to the scaffold builder for setting this damn thing up?)
Never mind....
Too late to have second thoughts, anyway. Now that we literally have no rooftop over our heads anymore, there‘s no turning back... 
So stay tuned for updates on the progress on the way to our dream loft. 

In the meantime I‘ll pop in a Valium or two and  keep browsing the internet and interior design magazines for inspiring ideas about the fun part of this project (planning the kitchen and the bathroom).


  1. A small extension was purgatory enough! I feel for you and your world-shattering upheaval there. Yes, be nice to the builders. Chocolate biscuits - not the plain ones. Lots of tea - strong and hot. And lots of Valium and camomile tea for you!

    1. I've decided to just stay in "denial" about all the hassle, dirt and stuff.

      Tea is a good suggestion! *rushes off to make tea*

  2. I don't remember our attic taking a long time but it was definitely worth it once it was done.

    1. Thanks, Audrey, I'll try to stay focused on the "it'll be worth it" part :)

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  4. Must be nice to have an architect in the family. At least you have a plan, hold on to that.

    Take a few deep breaths and keep the big picture in your head. You'll get there eventually. Meanwhile, focus on the interior design which you are so excited about and try not to think about all the other stuff that pushes you to your edge. I wouldn't have the patience for such kind of disrespectful behavior having to pick up cigarette butts and whatnot, but it won't last forever.

    And if nothing else calms you down, grab a bottle of wine and disappear in your own world for a while ;)

    1. "The chaos won't last forever"... that's true! I'll try to hold on to that! *is taking deep breaths*