Saturday, 12 May 2012

Review: S08.E18 - Near Death

Near Death...
So that was it

I really have no doubts that we‘ve seen the last episode of CSI:NY. 
But goodness, what an intense and emotional episode this was. All sentiments aside, I think it brought closure not only to the characters but also to the fans of the show.

I loved it, bitter-sweet as it was, I‘m glad about the way the writers ended it.
The team and their friendship was what drew me to this show in the first place and it was lovely to see how they all reacted to Mac‘s near death. 
I loved that every character had a moment with Mac and that we got to learn - or rather received confirmation - about the strong bond that exists between Taylor and the members of his team. 
Not surprisingly, for me, the strongest scene was between Mac and Don. That the writers chose to address Don‘s shooting Angell‘s killer in cold blood was amazing and not something I expected. Of course it was clear that Mac knew about it from that scene in season 06 when Don tried to tell him and Mac cut him off, but I really didn‘t think that the writers would ever get back to this. They probably wouldn‘t have it they hadn‘t thought that this was the finale episode of the show. 
It is something that really needed tying up in my opinion since it was a huge thing for the character and certainly had an impact on Don that would stay with him forever. Kudos to the writers for going there and giving us insights into what it meant not only for Flack but also for Taylor. 
The way they wrote this here, brought tears to my eyes. Eddie was so amazing in that scene, so was Gary. It really broke my heart to see all the pain Flack felt for all the things left unsaid not only to Mac but also to Jess. His love for Angell, the guilt over killing the guy who shot her, the anger and pain over Mac‘s being shot. It was all there. 
Really quite intense and great acting on both actors‘ part. 
Not much more to say about the rest of the episode. The case was pretty standard and took a back seat over the real subject of this episode - Mac and the way his people relate to him. 
The last scene with them all coming together at a crime scene was a nice „goodbye“ too. 
The only regrets I have about this episode is that I would have loved to have Stella back if only for one short scene! After all she had been part of that team for six years. They could have included her, like having her visit in the hospital or at least phone someone from the team, I think, but I get why they didn‘t do it. Sela is a sweet actress and  Jo a great character, but I‘ve never taken to her the same way I did to Melina/Stella. Sorry, but it‘s  „Stella Forever“ in my book! 
I also enjoyed the Danny/Mac scene a lot. That he didn‘t shy away from saying out loud „I love you“ to Mac, is so typically Danny, who always wore his emotions on his sleeve. Another character I will miss greatly, even though he had all but vanished since getting married to Lindsay and playing devoted husband.  
Sid and Mac in the morgue was another high light. The explanation the writers gave us for what Sid will do with his millions was very clever and quite believable. I can see him donating most of the money for a research facility. I love Sid to bits and it fits with how I see the character. 
During the Adam/Mac scene, I couldn‘t help but wonder how difficult it must have been for AJ if they shot this scene shortly after AJ‘s father died. 
Well, what else is there to say...
Thank you writers for giving this team a good sent-off and us fans closure of sorts! At least in my opinion they did.
Thank you cast and crew for 8 great years! 
I‘ll miss this show, even though I‘m really ready to let go.
I‘ll certainly miss my favorite fictional character, Don Flack! Just thinking about it brings fresh tears to my eyes. (Goodness, here I am, a grown-up woman crying over the loss of a TV character....)
Thank you, Eddie, for bringing alive the most lovable character on Television and for sharing your incredible talent with us for over eight years. Hope to see you in other projects soon!
PS: I didn‘t review the previous episode since I felt pretty „blah“ about it. But here is the eye candy for it.  If only to complete the set for season 8.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for both pics and the review! Oh, and for making me cry again! Eddie was so wonderful in this, the range of emotion...I couldn't stand it. I will love him forever and dearly hope they bring them all back. They wrapped it up nicely, but I'm not done! So much left to tell! Thank you for the review.
    Teresa (@7373tinkerbell)

    1. You're welcome, Teresa!

      It sure had me in tears constantly too, and Eddie just blew me away. Don's emotions, so raw, so true, it showed once again what an exceptionally talented actor Eddie is, even though I'm sure, part of Don's emotions mirrored Eddie's own feelings in that scene (given the fact that the cast was also very much aware of those probably being their finale scenes with each other).

      I know what you mean about not being done with the show. As for myself, I would certainly tune back in if the miracle happened, but to be honest, that would be only for Eddie/Don Flack. I may be ready to let go of the show, I'm nowhere near ready to let go of Don Flack though *sniffle*

      I will love that character forever too :)

  2. He's coming back! He's coming back! They're officially renewed!
    Teresa (@7373tinkerbell)

    1. I know... this really IS very unexpected but very welcome as well :))))

      I'll be happy to have Don back on screen come fall :)

  3. Thanks for the review. It made me tear up a bit. This was a great way to end the season. It tied up a few loose ends and had a lot of Flack so I'm happy. Eddie has a rubber face. He can make it scrunch up and stretch out and he's not afraid of looking real.

    I just found out that the show has been renewed so I'm looking forward to fall. Does Happy Dance. I know the stories haven't been all that great, but I'll still watch Eddie in anything. One of the writers mentioned something about showing people on the team on their days off. I hope that happens. I'd love to see what Flack gets up to away from work.

    Did you read that Eddie is in play in New York this summer? I wish I lived near there so I could go.


    1. Hey Tessa,

      you're right, Eddie has a very expressive face :)
      This whole scene had me choke up with tears. It felt so real!

      I really didn't expect the show to be picked up for another season, but I have to agree that even though the writing has gone downhill a bit,they did much better in season 08 than in the previous season.

      Whatever, as ready as I was to let go of the show, I'm over-the-moon-happy that we get to see Don Flack/Eddie for another season!

      I just love this character to bits.

      I read about Eddie's play in summer but unfortunately, financially, this year it's out of the question for us to travel to NY to see him. I hope many of his fans from the states and NY will get a chance to see him off Broadway.

      It must be awesome to see him perform live!

  4. At least you still find joy in watching CSI: NY or at least in the episodes with Don Flack. I know how much you enjoy this character and it certainly is a nice way to relax after a stressful day at work. I don't remember the last episode I watched, my interest has completely faded. Nonetheless, I'm happy for you and how much you still adore Don Flack and his story lines.

  5. I am sooooo happy csi ny is coming back!!!!! Love Don Flack and the team!!! My fab moment of the finale was when don thanked Mac for saving his life bc we never had a tie up from s2 to 3. It was perfect and I welcome them all, the team, back, with open arms.