Saturday, 28 April 2012

Review: S08.E16 - Sláinte

Goodness, I loved this episode! Plain and simple! A Don Flack feast from start to finish.

In real life, I‘m a sucker for anything Irish and an episode centered around the Irish Mob in NY was guaranteed to keep my interest.
I was also hoping for lots of Flack moments, since he‘s the „Irish guy“ in that show and I wasn‘t disappointed. There were so many great Flack scenes in here. In fact, Eddie was given the chance to show us the whole spectrum of our favorite detective, from good cop, bad cop, to snarky and sweet (especially in his scene with Molly at the end).
The case itself was pretty good too. Very gruesome - like in the good ol‘ days of previous seasons. The killer left „pieces“ of the body all over Hell‘s Kitchen and the team had to put the guy back together so to speak and to find out why he was killed in the first place. A  very interesting case about false loyalties in an Irish community. I could buy into the whole story..  
I‘m sure there were the usual plot holes in this episode somewhere but I really didn‘t mind. I was too busy enjoying all the Don action to be distracted by anything else.
I squeed loudly when he sat with Mac in the surveillance truck and understood what was said in Gaelic. That‘s my boy!  :) Nice reference to earlier seasons, btw,  when that special skill of Don‘s first came up.
He was also amazing in interrogation with Reily or in the scene in the bar, when he and Danny interrupted Declan‘s game of pool billiard. 
I loved how the writers‘ gave us an insight into Don‘s thoughts on the whole „Irish loyalty“ and „community code“ thing. Twisted, was the word he used and he was right, of course. 
There‘s really not much to add other than that I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. 
I have missed Don Flack. Missed him with a vengeance! And this episode just drove home again why. He‘s such a great character.  It‘s really a shame that I have to say goodbye to him soon.
I‘m so glad that the writers gave us this fantastic Flack-centered episode towards the end. It was so worth the long wait during CSI:NY‘s strange hiatus.
If it is possible to fall in love with a fictional character then I have to admit, I‘m in wayyyy over my head...


  1. Oh, I'm in way over my head too! In Love with Flack! I've been waiting for your review all day to see what you thought. Flack all over! The scene in the end was sweet, someone thought they should get together; she's much too young I think, but it was so...Flack. reminded me a lot of season 2. Lots of references which scares me that it's going to end soon. I hope not!!!
    Teresa (7373tinkerbell)

    1. I just loved this ep from start to finish. The scene at the end made me all fuzzy and warm, I don't see Don dating here, though. I agree with you, she's a bit too young for him.

      I really think it's their last season and it looks like a "wrap-up" to me, especially if the spoilers are right and the finale will be about Mac hovering between life and death and the writers showing what Mac means to each member on the team.

      We'll see. I'm going to enjoy every last second of Don Flack they'll give us, that's for sure :)

  2. I adored this episode. Does "Happy Dance". So much Flack. And he was so cute at the end when he smiled after he left Molly. I just love him to pieces.


    1. Same here, Tessa. I just can't imagine anybody NOT loving this guy :)

      I'll sure miss him when they're done with CSI:NY. Let's hope the remaining two eps will give us more awesome Flack scenes.