Saturday, 7 April 2012

Review: S08.E15 - Kill Screen

I liked this episode. It wasn‘t a terribly original plot/case and it was pretty predictable who the killer was, but it was fun to watch anyway.

The writers tried to keep it interesting and the team worked together nicely.

So far, I have always enjoyed it when the CSIs ventured into the world of nerds and gamers. They‘ve done so before, in previous seasons, and maybe even better, but this one worked for me. I liked that the original murder scene wasn‘t too easy to find for them. It took them a while to figure out where the murder had taken place (from the body dump and the victim‘s car, back to the convention center).

The connections they found in regard to the drugs and the manipulated game sounded plausible to me.

A word on Vera Channing, the „boobies shop“ girl and her „confrontations“ with Flack, sooo funny and some of the best scenes in this episode for me. First Don‘s flirting with her (I really chuckled when he told her about his former „gamer-times“ when he was great at playing Street Fighters) and then his face when he pulled out his badge and her reaction to it.

That they continued the „teasing“ in interrogation later was a brilliant idea by the writers. (BTW, who could blame her? Who wouldn‘t flirt with a hottie like Don? ;)

I just wished they would have let Don go after her and chase her through the convention center instead of Danny. I‘m sure he would have had a brilliant, sarcastic comment about her making him chase her.

Anyway... Don was cute beyond words when he started the interrogation with,  „I‘m disappointed, Vera. I really thought we had something.“

Another great scene was him pulling out the parking ticket when they processed the car. His ear-splitting grin and the way he was so pleased with himself when he told Mac and Hawkes „You guys spending all your time looking for hairs and fibers, miss the one thing that tells us exactly where this car was when  Walter died.“ Priceless!

I love it when Flack goes all „CSI“ and starts „helping with processing a crime scene“. It doesn‘t happen often, but when it does it, it always makes me squee inside.

Aside from Flack and all his scenes, I also enjoyed seeing Adam back in the lab. Him playing the video game with Danny was awesome. So was the closing scene with Mac, Jo, Adam and Danny.

Allow me to say something about Jo Danville. This character - or rather the way the writers have portrayed her recently - is getting on my nerves. She‘s way too „girly“ all of a sudden. I don‘t know, I can‘t quite put my finger on it, but it‘s off. First they try to sell her to us as this super competent FBI woman. She‘s tough and all (and frankly, I prefer her in that role), then they throw in the family angle... her with her teenage daughter, etc. and now she‘s all of a sudden the „giggly, girly“ type. I don‘t know. Doesn‘t make sense to me. It‘s almost as if the writers themselves don‘t quite know what to do with her or which direction to take this character.

It‘s been two years since she left, but I stand by my verdict: Stella over Jo ANY time!

Well... what else is there to say? I had been looking forward to this episode, and for once, I didn‘t over-analyze it (as in looking for plot holes etc.) Instead, I  just sat back and tried to enjoy it. It worked.

Maybe it‘s because this is very likely their last season and I want to enjoy every last minute of this show and these much loved characters before they will be gone for good.

Two down, three more to go, right?

Hopefully they‘ll get a good sent-off. They deserve it (so do we).


  1. Eddie did a lot of smiling in this episode and flirting with Vera. (I wanted to call her the "cigarette girl".) He was so cute.

    A. J. still looks pretty bad. The make-up people should do a better job hiding those dark circles under his eyes.


    1. I agree, Eddie was too cute for words :)

      (Also thought that AJ looked exhausted/sad. I really feel with him. The grief over the loss of his father realy shows.)

  2. I was jealous of Vera, but soon enough she turned out bad! This episode was a new writer, Tim Dragga, and you could tell. There was a lot more of the cute banter between Danny, Lindsay, and Flack.
    I've noticed that with Jo, on every episode this season; I don't know if it's the "Southern girl" in her or what; but she's appalled at what thse criminals are capable of. Rediculous. "How could someone do that?" Umm, because people are mean, Jo. I liked AJ and Danny playing the video games, and Jo getting Mac to loosen up and play, too. It was a very fun episode, despite the fact that someone died for a dumb reason.
    Eddie, adorable. Wish I lived in Flack's world for a day!
    Teresa (7373tinkerbell)

    1. Oh my goodness, yessss, please! I'd love to live a day in Flack's world too (a day AND a night ;)

      Really liked the "lightness" of this episode and the easy banter. It's been a while since we saw that :)