Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pink Wednesday....

Feeling pink today... 

Just one of these days when everything falls into place; when you get up feeling rested and well; when the scale says you've lost two pounds w/o even trying; when a stranger smiles at you; when you have an appointment at the hair salon and feel pretty and attractive while browsing through the April issue of the VOGUE; when not even the gray, wet April weather can dampen your mood.

Just....feeling pink!
clock wise: pictures 1, 4,6 = screen shots of April issue Vogue.
picture 5, Barbara Palvin for Vogue
picture 8, Claudia Schiffer for GUESS campain, (brand's 30th bd)

and just because this "Louis Vuitton" ad was too gorgeous for words... take another look!

(c) Vogue (screen shot from the April issue 2012)


  1. Sounds like a perfect Wednesday to me! Lovely LV ad!

    1. It was a perfect Wednesday :)
      Nothing pink about today though... rain, cold, gray...*bahhh*