Friday, 2 March 2012

Mind-boggeling architecture of the 21st century: Floating Balcony Pools

Cyber architect James Law designed these incredible skyscrapers with "floating balcony pools" for a real estate company in Mumbai.


Read more about this here.


  1. Eek, don't know about those swimming pools!

    Have you heard of I've just joined and I thought of you as it's a sort of virtual scrapbook and it reminded me of your blog and the way you like to use images and photos.

    1. HA HA... yeah, I know what you mean about the balcony. Being afraid of heights, this would be my personal nightmare, still... I'm at awe about this guy's architectural concepts.

      Yes, I've heard of PINTEREST. In fact, I had registered with them ages ago but then "forgot" to confirm the registration via my Twitter account *head desk*

      I might give it another try ;)

  2. I am not sure about the 'balcony pools' either. I would be afraid of crashing down since I imagine that all this water is quite heavy. It does look creative, but I wouldn't wanna have it.