Tuesday, 27 March 2012

He's back!!!!!!

He’s back!!!!!

17 months of waiting are finally over.

OMG… how I have waited for this series to return to the screen.

I loved this episode from start to finish. I was soaking it all up, in fact, I wanted to hug my TV set with joy.

Spoilers after the jump!

The writers chose the right pace to re-acquaint us with the much loved characters and we got a glimpse into almost everybody’s life and what happened after the events of season 04.

So Don and Megan moved to a new fancy apartment. Interesting, I thought. Everything in it speaks Megan to me and is so not Don in my humble opinion. But that wasn’t the only thing that was off between them.

We saw the first cracks in their relationship which is clearly still in the honeymooners’ state. When Megan throws a surprise-party for Don, he is really not amused. Add to this the “burlesque-like” dance she did for him in front of everybody and the problem becomes apparent: She is embarrassing him! She really has no idea who Don Draper is and how could she? They have barely been together for more than a couple of weeks.

I think it’s safe to predict that the new Mrs. Draper won’t be too happy in the long run. What’s fuelling their marriage seems to be lust and passion on Don’s side (and girl, do they have chemistry between them… the sparks flying could light up a whole city J) Megan is simply stunning!) She seems to be truly in love with him but wouldn’t be the first woman to fail in getting him to open up and reveal his true self.

I also wonder whether Don will end up being made a fool of by a much younger woman as happens so often (and which Roger is a good example for). That particular scene where Megan is clearing up the apartment in her underwear, where she’s provoking Don and saying he’s “too old” for her had me literally flinch on my seat. I almost expected Don to hit her, instead it ended with them having sex on the carpet. There’s lots of potential for the writers to explore that relationship.

Somehow I don’t think Don will take well to not being the dominant one in a partnership.

Well… he can always ask Roger for advice on how to handle this situation.

Speaking of Roger, what a comeback this character had! Gone is the whining and insecure man from season 04. Here we have him back to his old self. Confident, arrogant and already scheming again. He’s clearly trying to take back some control over the agency and the way he is undermining Pete’s authority is priceless, from his flirting with Pete’s secretary to rescheduling Campbell’s meetings!

Pete Campbell is another example of how the writers brought him “back in line” with his characteristics from earlier seasons. His behaviour doesn’t exactly endear him to his co-workers – nor his partners, but honestly… I understand him.

He is the one who brings the most business to the company and I get why he is frustrated about the way he is treated by the senior partners. I wonder how far Pete would go to succeed in getting his goals.

The new office is the first victory he won and the battle is not over yet.

Can’t wait to see how the Roger/Pete conflict will play out.

There wasn’t too much to see/say about Peggy. She’s still very driven and ambitious and obviously also concerned for Don. That she felt the need to apologize to Don for something she said at the party and which upset Megan, speaks volumes to me. I don’t think her apology to Megan earlier came from the heart, but when she spoke the words to Don, she meant them.

Joan has her baby boy and is trying to cope not only with being a mother but with the “loss” of her job. That scene where she rushes to the office to check out whether she has been replaced was a great scene. The way she was greeted and how her baby was handed from one person to another while she was speaking to Price gave an indication about her being “out of place” in the office surroundings.

Personally, I hope she’ll be back at work soon, I’m with Price… The agency needs Joan to run things around there J

I had to laugh about Don’s new secretary. Obviously, Megan doesn’t trust him with a beautiful woman either, and who could blame her.  

Unfortunately, Betty wasn’t in the first episode. I get why the writers can’t give everybody screen time and a story line but I missed her. The kids were only to be seen in the opening sequence and it was a lovely moment to see all three of them sitting somewhat forlorn in the new fancy apartment.

All in all the 90 minutes passed so fast and I was wearing a huge happy sigh when it ended. I think the writers did everything right with this one.

So, was it worth the long wait?


My Monday nights are reserved for immersing myself in the world of Don Draper and SCDP!

So happy this show is back on screen.

Roll on next episode!


  1. I'm with you! I've already watched again - twice.

    1. It was AWESOME to have them all back :)
      I will definitely watch this a second time too (or a third... ;)

  2. Wow, you had to wait quite a long time for the return of this TV show. You must be thrilled to see Mr. Hamm back on screen.