Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Revisiting old Places

The other week, we spent a day in Stuttgart, the city where a long time ago, we used to live for a couple of years (very happy times!) and where Frank and I went to university.

While Frank was in a business meeting, I took the opportunity to wander along familiar paths. Most was as I remembered it, some places had not changed at all, others were quite new to me.

The funny thing is, I did the whole tourist thingy and really enjoyed it! I mean, I went to all these places that for some reason I never got round to go to while working and living there  (always thinking there‘s plenty of time to visit them later. Do you know that feeling?)

So I ended up in the charming and very old-fashioned Café Königsbau (over 50 years old!) directly across from the city castle. As expected, it was over-priced of course, but still well worth a visit. On a Monday morning there weren't that many visitors yet.

I loved the atmosphere there. It felt almost like having taken a trip with a time-machine and ending up in the late sixties. In a very posh late-sixties Café! Where else do you get coffee served in white embossed chinaware together with genuine silver sugar bowls? 

The coffee and jelly-filled donuts were excellent by the way!

Next I went to Breuninger, Stuttgart‘s most famous department store. I love this place. Not only because you can find every designer label there is, all under one roof, but also because of Karl‘s Kitchen, the roof-top restaurant with its marvelous lunch menus (a broad variety of local specialities as well as Asian inspired light menus. All freshly cooked.)

We spent a lovely day on „old home grounds“ and decided we need to come back soon with more time at hand to see old friends and relive some more happy memories.

all pictures (c) Lausi except for the Breuninger-Logo (c) Breuninger

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