Saturday, 4 February 2012

Review: S08.E12 - Brooklyn til I die

Goodness, what a terrible episode this was. Seriously, for me that was one of the most awful episodes of CSI:NY I have ever watched.

What the hell were the writers thinking?

I just can‘t help it, the whole feeling of this show is so off these days. From the very opening this didn‘t feel like CSI:NY at all. It reminded me too much of CSI:Miami without the bright colors though.

That supposed Bonnie-and-Clide-style episode which they turned into a high-profile kidnapping, involving the FBI plus Mac and his CSI-turned-SQUAD-members-team, too ridiculous for words.

What is this? Who in his right mind (and with more than one brain cell still functioning) thinks this is a good script/plot?

I won‘t even bother to list all the plot holes here. Just the highlights:

A supposed „go game“ with fake casinos, fake gangsters, fake guns and FBI-agents, turns into a murder case, where „accidentally“ two real armed robbers (one of them freshly out on parole) happen to run into a billionaire‘s son. They kill his girlfriend and spontaneously decide to kidnap him and go for the ransom money.

Then the writers bring in the real FBI under the lead of Mac Taylor of course. The icing on the cake of madness however, was the CSIs all going out on the street „undercover“ to catch the bad guys while the money is supposed to be picked up (Sounds familiar? Well... imagine Horatio Caine and his super-CSIs who take over the work of the police officers. Seems Mac and his team are doing it on CSI:NY too now. I guess the lab is manned by some "skilled" NYPD officers while Mac and the others are out in the field?!?!).

Meanwhile, the real gangsters manage to get into the father‘s house (which by the way is still packed with real FBI agents and Jo Danville... don‘t ask what she was doing there....) trying to force him at gun point to make a money transfer to their account (Yeah, makes sense, right? I mean it‘s not as if it would be easy to pick up a trail to the receiving bank account, right?) and ending up in a wild machine gun shooting after which the guy escapes through the window.  It was just so plain crazy with not a shred of logic at all. (Miami at its best if you get my meaning).

And that were really just the highlights. This whole story was nothing but a string of epic failures on all fronts!

I don‘t know whether I should be sad because it was downright painful to watch this episode or get really angry with the executive producers or whoever is responsible for approving such a script. I mean, there‘s a very high chance that this is CSI:NY‘s last season and they give us this? Are you serious? How very, very disappointing indeed.

The only thing worth sitting through this episode was the sight of Eddie/Don. He really is to die-for this season, the more regrets I hold that he wasn‘t given too much to do here. He still managed to get the best scene though:

Don in interrogation (with his sarcasm firmly in place):

„You realize how screwed you are? Honestly, pal, I don‘t even need a confession. I‘m just doing this for my own amusement. Which is why I gotta know, you‘re a career criminal. You know how this works, so what on earth possessed you to bring your kidnapping victim back to your mother‘s house?“
Perp: „You saw my mother. She‘s scarier than we are.“

But truth be told, not even he could save this episode for me.

Shame on whoever penned this episode and even more shame on the one who said „let‘s go through with that one“.

If that‘s the best they can do these days then I dare say it‘s good that this will probably be their last season. I couldn‘t bear watching my once favorite show turn into such a joke.


  1. Just keep breathing Claudia! Please I won't the last chapter of your Ryan/Eric fic. I know that,that is self centered of me but hey I like your style! :)

    Hi there struggeled to add comment how do I add it?


    1. Hey Ed,

      thanks for stopping by :)

      Blogger has a problem with the comments. right now you have to comment as Anonymous or log in with Blogger or Google account. As for HB, I've sent you a dm via lj :)

  2. It seems like the writers are just phoning it in. They're not even trying anymore. There were some cute lines but most of it was just 'blah'. The only reason I watch now is for my Eddie fix. Did you see "Blue Bloods" after? That episode kicked a**. CSI: NY used to be good. What happened?


    1. I really don't get either why the writing has become so bad. I used to love this show so much. Just like you, I'm only hangiing on for Eddie. He never disappoints :)

      I've never watched Blue Blood but I'm glad that there seems to be at least one cop show where they got it right.

      Thanks for your thoughts on this episode, Tessa. At least we could enjoy our Don/Eddie fix :)
      Isn't he drop dead gorgeous this season?

  3. I so agree. I kept thinking the same thing. Why are the CSI's out watching the money drop? And twice now they try to make Lindsey look like a bad *ss. Eddie does look good; I think he needs more screen time. Possible last season, stupid plot. Please, CBS Gods, don't cancel them and get new writers!

    1. Hey Teresa,

      Nice of you to stop by :)

      Yeah, this episode really was a disaster. I agree with you, they need better writers, otherwise another season would be rather pointless. I really don't think they will be renewed though. (On the other hand, I thought solast year too and they got another season. So, we'll have to wait and see).

  4. I've never seen CSI: NY myself, although it is on over here, but I have to say one of my main gripes about Miami was always the CSIs seemingly running about with guns, arresting and shooting people - as you say, doing police work in other words. So, maybe I'll continue to give CSI: NY a miss.

    Now, Hawaii Five-0 (the remake), still unbelievable plots but hey who cares when you have Steve McGarrett to look at. ;o)


    1. LOL... yeah, I know what you mean. Who needs a plot when there's eye-candy available. For me that's Eddie Cahill on CSI:NY. He's to die for and the only reason I'm still sticking to this show :)

      CSI:Miami went down the drain ages ago - when they started the whole ridiculous business of turning the CSIs into super-heros or whatever *head desk*.

      CSI:NY was really good and solid for six seasons and then it went downhill.

      Still haven't watched Haway-Five-O... you have made me curious now. Must check it out then :)