Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review: S08.13. - The Ripple Effect

08.13 - The Ripple Effect

Fantastic episode! What an awesome case this was!

I really enjoyed every second of this and I couldn‘t have guessed how the cases were connected. It was so much fun watching the whole team doing good ol‘ forensic work (mostly IN the lab I may add) and connecting the dots so to speak. It‘s been a while since we‘ve seen that. And it‘s also been a while since any of the CSI shows has kept my attention throughout a whole episode.

The only thing a bit over the top was the opening scene, the guy stealing the bike by cutting down the tree with a chain saw (in broad daylight!)... but I forgive the writers this little faux pas since the rest of the plot was done so amazingly well.

There was so much going on here that the 45 minutes literally flew by. I liked that the first victim wasn‘t really a homicide but rather the guy stumbling on the steps which caused his death. The second victim‘s killing also turned out to be an accident. Again... nicely written, in a way that felt believable to me.

The way they solved this cases and made the connection was great too. Kudos to Jo for figuring it all out. I‘m with Don here, it sounded totally crazy but fit the trail of evidence perfectly  and therefor made sense.

I like it when everyone in the team contributes to solving a case which they did here. Well all aside for Adam that is. Adam has been strangely absent recently. I don‘t know if that is due to budget cuts or because AJ has other engagements, but I must admit, as much as I like Adam Ross, I didn‘t miss him too much. I miss decent Danny screen time more, and of course Flack screen time which is the most important part for me anyway.

As usual I enjoyed all the Don/Danny scenes. Allow me to repeat myself here, but these guys (Carmine/Eddie) are meant to share screen time. They just click and I wish the writers would make more use of their chemistry together.

It weren‘t only the Danny/Don scenes however that put a huge smile on my face, but also the „Sid story“ the writers included here. What a brilliant idea to pick up the story line of Sid‘s invention, the „sleeping pillow“ and bring it to such a surprising conclusion. They completely threw me with this one. I expected that Sid was in some sort of trouble, instead he had turned into a multi-millionaire over night. The way he reacted to that news... too cute for words.

Okay, bringing the piano to the morgue might have been a bit over the top too, but it was  such an adorable scene between Sid and Jo that I didn‘t mind the writers going down that road. I love Sid and if it takes some maudlin scenes to get him screen time then I‘m all for it.

Mac Taylor was refreshingly less in our faces than shown in recent episodes and it proved to me once again that we don‘t need Mac-Taylor-super-hero all the time to get a case solved. In fact, just let the team do the work and only intervene when it is necessary and makes sense.

In a way this episode had a „back-to-the-roots“ feeling. It went back to showing us interesting murder cases and good, solid forensic work to solve these cases without bending the credibility too much.

If they would stay on this track then this show would be good for more than one further season, I‘d say. Sadly enough the quality of the writing has been anything but consistent lately, so I‘m afraid that this will be indeed their final season. I must say, having watched this episode drove home once again what a fabulous show this could still be - given the right scripts - and how much I will indeed miss these guys.

Let‘s hope the rest of season 08 will continue to be as entertaining as this episode was.

Oh... and allow me to say again: Don/Eddie never looked better than this season.

To. Die. For.


  1. I also loved this episode. I foresaw a few things, but mostly it had me glued to my seat. It was clever, had two cases (even if they were connected), and moved briskly.

    I really loved Flack's comment at the stairway. "It's even longer coming up, trust me. 130 steps. Finally counted after the third trip." My legs were aching just thinking about climbing 130 steps at least three times. Ouch!

    A.J.'s father is seriously ill and he has been with him for weeks. That's why he is missing from the show.

    I had some problems with the episode:
    1) Who drags out a chain saw and cuts down a tree just to steal a bike?
    2) $27 million? I don't see how the patent for the "sleep pillow" could be worth that much.
    3) Buying a baby grand piano I could see. Having it delivered to the morgue is ridiculous.
    4) What did Mac do to get all the cops to stop by Christine's restaurant? Threaten, bribe?

    Even with the silly parts, I enjoyed the episode very much.


    1. Yeah the points you listed here were completely silly, but still, it wasn't so hard for me to overlook them since the rest of the episode was really good.

      And YAY for two cases (I have always loved the two-cases strategy the writers used in earlier seasons)

      Thanks for stopping by Tessa and for letting me know your thoughts on the episode :)

  2. I agree with Tessa as well. AJs father has actually passed now, God bless him. I thought the scene with Mac somehow getting all these cops to her resteraunt was a little rediculous. but I loved it too. I dearly hope they are brought back next season, I love Eddie!

    1. Hey Tessa, nice to see you here :)

      There were the usual ridiculous things in there, I agree, but I really loved the whole case around it. And tell me, isn't Don to die for this season? Seriously, if Eddie gets any hotter he needs a health warning :)

      For him alone, another season would be nice to have around, but to tell you the truth, he really is the ONLY reason I still watch the show. Without him, I wouldn't bother to tune in anymore. I have to admit though, more cases like that last one and I might regain my lost enthusiasm for CSI:NY :)