Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wish I were there now...

Someone once said January is the Monday among the months. It sure feels like it right now. The weather over here is simply horrible.  Wet, cold, windy... make that stormy!

However, the worst isn‘t the wetness or the cold but the lack of light. Getting up when it‘s still pitch black outside, and having to work all day with the lights switched on is a drag. Not a single ray of sunshine, or a brief glimpse of blue sky.

Nothing but heavy clouds and grayness.

So I could really do with that cortado right now,  sitting in that little beach side café and listening to the ocean waves rolling gently towards the shore.

Wish I were there with my baby...

Photo (c) Lausi

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  1. Lady, I really like your new layout. It is so much neater to look at and everything's easier to find. Good job!

    Yeah, that's the downside of winter months. It gets dark too early and we all lose our energy if there's no sun providing us with Vitamin D especially in the morning. Hope your baby brings you some ray of sunshine in a box when he returns ;)