Sunday, 1 January 2012

Welcome 2012!

2012, here you are!

Looking back on your predecessor, it was a year that brought struggles and loss
not only for us, but also for many of our friends.

It helps to remind ourselves that dark times are part of life‘s journey
and that getting through them makes us stronger and lets us grow as a person.

Even in our darkest hours, there‘s a light waiting to reach us. 

Sometimes that light is hope, faith in God or whatever we believe in.

Sometimes it is the support of friends who tell us they‘ll be there for us.

Sometimes it is the simple knowledge that there are people out there
who include us in their prayers and in their thoughts.

Above all however, it is the love surrounding us that heals the wounds and helps us moving on. Helps us remembering all the wonderful things that happened in 2011 and which have been overshadowed by the pain.

So, here we are, at the beginning of a new year.

I‘m an optimist at heart, and so I refuse to be afraid of what 2012 may bring.

I won‘t waste any thoughts or energy on wild end-of-the-world-predictions, economic crisis
or impending wars.

I‘m not afraid of hard times.

They make us treasure all the good times and the little things in life that bring us joy.

I embrace you, 2012!

As a chance for a fresh start.
As an opportunity to fulfill some of my goals and dreams. 
As part of my life‘s story that hasn‘t been told yet.

I‘m looking forward to filling the empty pages with excitement, curiosity, passion and love.


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