Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Progress on the Motorbike Garage...

There's progress :)

It's beginning to look like a good place for our motorcycles...

Remember the "before"...

Add loads of  dust, dirt and sweat... as well as a new roof and new beams...

... and we're getting somewhere...

A quick check revealed there'll be plenty of room for the four motorbikes :)

Nils Lofgren - No Mercy

... a master on the guitar...

If it's not broken...

...don't fix it!

Just read the latest update on the Mad Men front regarding season 05.

I really think it's a mistake to try and change the successful formular for the show. If they (AMC) really are thinking about continuing the series without Weimer then they are insane. Weimer is the reason why this show is so great. His vision and creativity alone made it what it is.

I also think it's not a good thing to postpone the start of season 05 to 2012.

Sad to see a high quality TV series being tampered with for commercial reasons. Obviously the money rules once again and it's greed over quality. I can only hope this won't back fire for AMC...

For the whole article go here.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Picked a stone for the pavement....

Gosh, I never expected it to be such a hard decision to pick a "stone" for the pavement of our "new" house. Never thought there was such a variety of stones. What really helped was driving out to the company who manufactures the stones and which has set up a "sample garden" where you can see various stones as they would be used arranged in a beautiful garden.

This is the one we picked ...

It's beautiful but we haven't received a price yet, so I hope it will be within our budget, otherwise we'll have to look for an alternative.

Next step will be for me to make a detailled drawing of how the garden/backyard will be planned. That'll be fun :)

More soon...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mad Men Season 05 .... Get a grip, AMC!

Here's March 2011 and still no word on WHEN Mad Men will return for season 05 thanks to "negotiation problems" between AMC, Lionsgate and Mr. Weiner.

Are you kidding me? For Heaven's sake, pay whatever the guy demands and get on with it!

I just cannot imagine a summer season without my Mad Men Sundays ... *arghhhh*

Seriously, how difficult can it be to make the decision to have the most critically acclaimed show return to the screen?

Now they're talking about a possible date in 2012 for it to return. This is insane!

*is growling at PTB to get their act together*

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Super Moon...

During the full moon on March 19th 2011, the moon was only 221,565 miles (356,575 kilometers) away. The closest it’s been in almost 20 years. It appeared 14 percent bigger and 30% brighter than usual. 

It was awesome!
And indeed much brighter than I've ever seen before.

The view from our bedroom window. 
The moon's reflection in the window made it look as if there was 
a second "bluish" moon in the sky :)

Spring clothes shopping gone WELL :)

My Saturday morning spring clothes shopping 
turned out surprisingly well and efficient :) 

(all goodies from one shop :)

Does this look like a successful shopping trip?...

...let's see...

...adorable Tommy Hilfiger Tunic...

... the T-shirt to go with it...

...niiiiice summer pants by CLOSED...

...and last but not least...

GORGEOUS pumps :)

*is very happy shopping girl*

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Reconstruction of the shed...(soon-to-be-motorbike-garage)

Back to the house project...

Next step: Reconstruction of the shed.

There really wasn't much that could still be used, aside from a couple of wooden beams on the backside. The rest has to be reconstructed completely.  

Getting the materials from the various DIY stores was a real drag and took forever (Note to the stores' managers: Employing sales people who actually KNOW about what they're supposed to be selling would be a great help! ... that is IF you manage to find someone to talk to who doesn't take flight at the first sight of a potential customer... *head desk*)

Impressions from Day 01:

(my father in law taking measures ;)

 (... discussing the next step...)

 ... defying the chaos... :)

Ever had a complete stranger giving you flowers?

(Aren't they pretty?)

Ever had a complete stranger giving you flowers?

Here‘s proof that a day that starts out with a mishap can hold a very nice surprise for you.

I drove into town today and parked my car at the side of the street. Then I went to get a parking ticket from the automat. I slid my credit card into the machine and the display said it couldn‘t read the card.


I pressed the cancel button, expecting to get my card back...however... NADA... ZIP... NILCH ...!

The stupid thing just kept my card.

Now what?

I tried again then I tugged at the card that stuck out a bit, but to no avail. The damn thing didn‘t move one iota. Next I tried the service phone number that was listed on the automat in case there was a „malfunction“. Yeah, right. I‘d call NOT giving back my credit card a bit more than a simple malfunction, I‘d rate it a minor disaster.

Of course there was no one answering my call. Hey, it‘s Saturday, what did I expect?!?! Silly me!

While I was standing there (freezing my butt off BTW... since the wind was really chilly), a young man came by to put a coin into the automat for his own parking ticket. And oh what a surprise, it worked. NOT that this caused the automat to spit out my credit card, mind you.

The young man offered his help and tried to get it out but he too, couldn‘t really grasp it firmly enough to pull it out. He gave up after five minutes.

I called Frank, hoping that best hubby in the world would come to the rescue with some magic tool to get back my card.

While I waited, a lady crossed the street to my side, rolling a suitcase along and with a huge bouquet of flowers in her hand. She asked me for directions to the train station. It was really just around the corner and I told her how to get there when all of a sudden, she held out the flowers and said:

„May I give these to you? I have a long trip ahead of me and I really don‘t think they‘ll keep until I‘m home. I don‘t want to drag them along and see them go to waste. They are supposed to bring joy to someone.“

That was such a sweet thing I really didn‘t know what to say. I mean, I NEVER had a complete stranger giving me flowers in the streets :)

Needless to say my dark mood vanished instantly. Especially since ten minutes later, best hubby in the world arrived and indeed managed to retrieve my credit card.

So what started out as a miserable morning, turned into a very nice day in the end. The weather cleared up, I got some clothes shopping done (spoilt myself something rotten, I must admit) and in the afternoon took my Mom on a ride with the convertible to try out a new café in town.

Now I‘m waiting for best hubby in the world to get home from his work on the „house project“ (which will be another blog entry) and to spoil him with a nice dinner :)

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Green things....HAPPY ST. PATRICK's DAY

Since it's St. Patrick's Day today... here are some green things that make me smile :)

photo ©2008 paul lavallee

(green Converse)


  (green chairs via here)


Balenciaga Classic City Bag Linen Stripes Yellow $1395
Available @

Green Retro Lampshade
(via here)

(Alno kitchen with green fronts)

(Design by Kate Spade)

(Design by Kate Spade)

 (green bed linen)

(vintage earrings, via ebay)

(vintage wallpaper, via ebay)

Last but not least...