Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Writer's Block and Book Choices....

One good thing about my writer's block is that I finally get round to reading some of the books I've bought recently. I started out with Amy Chua's "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"...

... I finished it  in two afternoons. Just couldn't put it down. I was really interested in this book since I spent a couple of days with a lady from Yixing recently. She's taking over the job as assistant to the president of our company's Chinese Joint Venture and it was her first time in Europe. What she told me about her daughter and her own upbringing left me speechless. The obvious cultural differences in our upbringing and our value systems, made me want to look beyond my own nose and curious to understand why we (Western world) and our co-workers in China think so differently. This book provided some answers to that.

Chua's book was a fascinating read for me. It's not only thought-provoking but also really funny and hilarious and there's a lot of love shining through despite  Amy's strict Chinese parenting system.  I loved this book!

Edward Conlon's "Blue Blood" is another great book I just started. It gives an amazing insight into the life of a NYPD cop (Conlon is a Harvard graduate who followed his "calling" to become a NYPD cop!)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Goodbye Mickey!

For ages now, I have wanted to get rid of a „hideous“ Mickey Mouse poster that hung in our office. Well... to be fair... it‘s not really hideous but it‘s been a left-over from the eighties and has „survived“ a couple of moves already and hubby put it up in the office.

I never liked it much there, but somehow there were always other corners to deal with. Now.... I needed to get rid of a lot of clutter on my side of the office (my desk) anyway and since today was so nasty and cold outside, it gave me the perfect opportunity to tackle that project.

So I cleaned out a lot of junk from my roll container and from my desk (you don‘t want to know how many garbage bags that filled ;) and finally decided it was time to say goodbye to good ol‘ Mickey!

I‘m slightly obsessed with stripes lately and found an old role of wallpaper in the basement.  It fit perfectly. I quite like the look of „my side“ of the office now :)

(Psst... now all I have to do is get hubby to clean up the other desk and HIS side of the office .... but that‘s another story/blog entry ;)

Yay for stripes :)

Neat and clean... (*pats own back*)

...still looking for a stylish idea for the old family photos... 
(so far I just put them up on the pin board)

My Dad   :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

$20 m for this? Are you serious???? (Spears' new home...)

I can't believe any living soul is willing to pay $20 m for such an ugly house.... (Goes to show... money can't buy you taste ;)

According to the Daily Mail Britney Spears  just bought this house in LA *shudder*

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Why I don't need Valentine's Day :)

I am no cynic. On the contrary, I am a hopeless romantic!

However... „Valentine‘s Day“ and its commercialized hype is totally beyond me. As is so often the case with the fixed calender dates that demand we pay special attention to the loved ones in our life (that goes for Mother‘s Day too, by the way).

I mean, why is it that on that particular day people think they have to go out of their way to demonstrate „publicly“ how in love they are with their significant other? Thus demonstrated more often than not by taking them out to a fancy restaurant treating them to an over-priced five-course meal. Throw in some flowers/roses and a candy box on top of it and you‘ll see why the money-making machinery is loving this „celebration day“ so much.

To me, there is nothing remotely romantic about such a predictable day and course of action.

How much more romantic is it to be treated to a breakfast in bed on any given ordinary weekday? Or to be brought flowers without any specific reason? Or to smuggle a note or little token into hubby‘s luggage before he‘s off to a business trip, for him to find when he‘s arrived at his destination :)

It‘s the little things like that, that say „I love you“ so much more convincing than a Hallmark card or a box of chocolates ever could.

Seriously... to me, there are much more important and significant days to celebrate.

Days with a personal meaning!

Having said all that... here‘s to my baby:

„I love you!“

(even if you don‘t get a Valentine‘s Card from me :)

PS: What makes this even more funny is, that until a couple of years ago, we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day in Europe. Not until some clever business people "adopted" this from America (along with Halloween.)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Has the spark returned?

For a couple of weeks now, I haven’t been able to write. 

For whatever reasons the creative spark has gone. The well was dry and I was taking some time to spark the flames of my creative spirits and to recharge my writing mojo

Writing and being able to express myself plays an essential part in my life. It is also an indicator for my inner well-being. 

So usually, when I’m not able to write, something is just “off”. 

Maybe it’s the changes that are coming my way. The house we’ve bought recently, some other investments we undertook and then there’s the prospect of cutting down on my working hours (not that there’s any solution in sight on that front yet, but that’s another story  *head desk*)

Anyway, I’m not good with changes in general. 

I’m more of a cautious person, not much of a risk-taker.  I like things as they are and everything running smoothly. Still… I’m very happy with the decisions we made and looking forward to working on the “new house “ and all and having more time for myself. 

Then today, for the first time in weeks, I felt  it again… that familiar spark. This feeling of I cannot wait… to sit down, to put to paper a first draft, to watch a story unfold. 

I have missed that!

There’s also a strong longing to take some time out. To get away for a bit like in this picture above. To sit in a rocking chair, watching the sea and letting the mind drift - preferably with the love-of-my-life next to me

How does this sound to you, baby? 

Since it’ll be a while until we both can skip off for a week, I’ll make do with an afternoon off work today. Just to enjoy the glorious sunshine outside before the rat-race will continue tomorrow. 

And to hell with the workload on my desk…!

It’ll still be here tomorrow.

I’m just learning to listen to my heart and to enjoy the simple but good things in life, like taking half a day off before the cold, wet, gray winter weather returns :)

Friday, 4 February 2011

New haircut?!?! ....

I'm thinking about a new haircut. Right now I wear it quite long but cutting it shorter, say to shoulder length,  is very tempting. If only I could be sure, it would turn out just like this one sported by the GORGEOUS Sophie Marceau....

Speaking of.... she's one of the most gorgeous and naturally beautiful woman I can think of and I've been a fan of her ever since her "La Boum" days :)

I cannot wait for her latest movie "The Age of Reason" to come out on DVD.

Thank God, in Europe (and especially in France) we still have actresses on Televison and in the movies who look real and not like the often ridiculously "fake" Hollywood babes (with their fake boobs, mask-like "botox faces" and koi-carp lips :) #just saying 

Major Snowstorm in the USA...

...scary.... (we had a similar situation in December over here)...

(Snowstorm seen from space)

(pictures via here)