Monday, 19 December 2011

Dexter Season 06 - Finale

Wow! What a season‘s finale this was!

I'm still blown away....  SPOILERS after the jump....

I have to admit this season was different from the previous ones, but unlike some fans who were disappointed about the new direction this show is taking, I wasn‘t. On the contrary, it made sense to me that Dexter is not the same that he was in season 01. This show is not just about Dexter‘s dark passenger and him being a serial killer, it is also about his growth as a human being.

It is an amazing journey he has been on so far, and of course being a father is stirring something deep inside of him. To me, Dexter's struggling to fit his role as a good father and wondering what he should pass on to Harrison seemed the logical next step on his becoming more human.

I was sceptical at first when the season's focus was said to be about religion and faith, but I really liked the way the writers went about it here.

But of course Dexter's thoughts on faith, and whether there was "light" in him or not (btw... great, great performance by Mos Def as Brother Sam. Really loved him as a guest star), wasn't the only thing that made this season so special.

Deb had her own demons to fight and it was a good thing for the character (and the viewers) that the writers added another dimension to her. Promoting her to Lieutenant, and having her undergo therapy, ending with maybe the biggest surprise in the whole series so far, that she's in love with her brother, was a really brilliant twist to bring in.

But of course, the biggest revelation came in the last seconds of this episode...

So now „it“  has finally happend. The big „IT“... the moment where Deb realizes who Dexter truly is. What a shock to end this season that way. I must admit, I did not see that coming. Not by a long shot. I was sure, they would string it out a bit longer.

Now I‘m really curious how this will play out in the remaining two seasons.

Can‘t believe I have to wait almost a year now until season 07 and the return of my favourite serial killer *sigh*

In the meantime:

Thank you Showtime for restoring my faith in Television!

Thank you writers, cast and crew for an amazing season 06!

Thank you Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter for giving it your all each and every episode and for making it such a joy to watch you perform!


  1. I didn't think you could ever sound that exciting about a TV show. You made me curious about "Dexter" and I might give it a try now too. Not to mention that Michael C. Hall is an extra-ordinary actor worth watching in anything.

  2. I already read your email regarding Dexter. It's a shame that it didn't work for you, but like I told you, it's a show that either gets you hooked right away or not at all.

    Well, we still got E. to get "fan-girlish" about ;)

  3. Yes, we do! And even if we didn't I'm sure we'd still have a lot of other things to talk about. We do have a few passions in common like writing and photography ;)