Monday, 21 November 2011

Gorgeous walk .... and doggy kisses :)

Had two business errands to run in downtown today which gave me the opportunity to WALK there. It was absolutely GORGEOUS and just what I needed (to get away from my over-loaded desk in the office). 

Look at this! And to think that at the same time last year we were buried under tons of snow...

 ...this is my dream house, it is situated in a beautiful little park, close to where I live...

...the light this afternoon was so beautiful... I could have walked on forever...

Got a pressie from the wine merchant today... truffels :)


Later, I ran into my ex-boss and had a very nice talk with him (we're still on good terms :) 

...and got a big, wet smooch from  this fellow here...
(my ex-boss' dog Bobby)

all photos (c) Lausi, via Instagram


  1. Beautiful photos, Claudia, and I almost thought you had gone and brought home a doggy! Those truffles look nice - are those rose petals on them?


  2. Thanks, Caz :)
    It was a truly beautiful day and I would have loved to take Bobby home with me (not that his owner would have approved of that ;)

    Yes, that's rose petals on the truffles. Never had truffles with rose petals before. They tasted delicious!

  3. Bobby is too cute :) Lucky you!

  4. He sure is, Joey :)
    A very sweet and affectionate Labrador. Just my kind of dog ;)