Sunday, 20 November 2011

Gift Ideas for Christmas...

 1. LBD with sequins (Malaica, 469 EUR), 2. Pomander candle, cinnamon-orange scent (Diptyque, 44 EUR), 3. Leather Passport holder (Valextra, 220 EUR), 4. Metallic Scarf (Zara, 40 EUR), 5. Ceramic watch (Fossil, 230 EUR), 6. Snowcake Soap, almond & marzipan scent (Lush Shop, 6 EUR), 7. Knitwear Vase (by, 31 EUR), 8. „Astor Place“ (by Bond  no. 9, 230 EUR), 9. „School of Hardrock“ nail polish (Winter Collection Essie, 8 EUR), 10. „Famous“ (Christmas Collection Chanel, 29 EUR), 11. Skin Vivo Lotion (Bodytherm, 48 EUR), 12. iPad Cover w. monogram (by Land‘s End, 22 EUR), 13. Gloves, Suede leather with sheepskin (UGG, 131 EUR)


  1. I gotta say that finding Xmas gifts and cards are the most annoying things about this holiday. Not that I don't enjoy putting a smile on my friends' faces, but I just don't like being pushed to it. You know what I mean?

  2. I hear you, sister :)

    Actually, Frank and I have stopped doing the whole Christmas shopping madness long ago. We don't buy anything for each other (that goes for both our families) except for where there are little kids (nephews/nieces) involved.

    Instead we all simply treasure the time spent together, for that is what's really important and not hurrying around like a maniac to buy things for one another that we don't really need (or rather, which we could get for ourselves on our own).

    I'm not much of a Christmas fan. Well not what you usually see over here as in stressed out and bad tempered people.

    Hope you're enjoying a quiet Christmas time then!


  3. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

    Frank and you have made a wise decision and I couldn't agree more with you. It's all about spending quality time with the ones you love and not buying pricey gifts. Materialistic things only satisfy for a short period of time whereas people you love warm your heart 24/7.

    It's crazy! People storm stores and act as if the world is going down. It's ridiculous and annoys me quite a lot. Don't they have anything better to do than to spend money on stupid gifts that are probably not even liked by most people that receive them? LOL