Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Friday Night - Sushi Delight :)

What we had for dinner tonight...

Sushi Combo:

Salmon Nigiri
Boiled Scampi Nigiri
Tuna Maki
Dill Pickle Maki
Wasabi Paste
Pickled Ginger

Good food and a muse that's playing nice... 

Best way to spend a Friday evening while still trying to get rid of very peristent cold and avoiding wet, gray November cold...

all photos (c) Lausi


  1. Hope you haven't caught a cold/flu yet.

    Don't like sushi, but it's always nice to see how creative you get with your photographs.

  2. Thanks, hun!

    Sushi is a real "must try"... I'll give you another ten years before you'll succumb to the deliciousness that is SUSHI (at your age I didn't care for it either ;)

  3. Yeah, we'll see about that.

    People keep on telling me that I would wanna have babies when I'm older, but my point of view still hasn't changed and I'm almost 30.

    Regarding food, I'm not really open-minded and never have been. Sushi does smell good and I might try it someday because C loves to eat it, but there's no guarantee for that.

    Oh, and don't act as you were already a grandma ;)

  4. Joey, there are days when I feel like a grandma ;) However, other days I obviously fall back into my pre-puberty state, so I guess that balances it out :)

    Trust me, you'll miss out if you don't stay open-minded when it comes to food. There is such a variety of delicious cuisines to discover, especially when travelling all over the world. I'm sure, you'll discover it for yourself on the fascinating trips you still plan on having.