Monday, 28 November 2011

The fangirl is happy....

YAY for two more seasons of DEXTER!

picture via here

..if you'll excuse me now... I must go and have a squee spasm... 

(good writing and brilliant acting on a TV show is so very rare these days :)


  1. I've never seen this one, but good to know you've still got 'the fangirl' in you! ;o)

    Mine is the remake of Hawaii Five-0, and it would only take you five seconds to understand why if you've seen it. *sigh*

    So, what ever happened to Ray and Blair? LOL!

  2. Oh definitely, the fangirl is still there :D

    I guess you can take the fandom out of the girl but not the girl out of "fandom" ;)

    Those were the days, right? Ray, Blair and other crazy/fun stuff. BTW... Callum played a guest role on CSI:Miami recently and I instantly thought of you ;) (He's still got it ;)

  3. That's exactly how I feel about NCIS and Criminal Minds.

    YAY for you! It's the simple things in life that bring pure happiness.

  4. You said it, Joey :)

    I'm really totally hooked on Dexter and I'm very happy that they'll get another two seasons. Can't wait to see how it'll all end.

    NCIS is a great show too, so is Criminal Minds. Since my TV-consum is quite limited, I don't watch these shows regularly but whenever I catch them by accident, I enjoy watching them :)

  5. Had to think of you, because I'm watching "Six Feet Under" which stars your "Dexter" and he's amazing. Is he really gay? Because the way he kisses these men on the show is absolutely passionate.

    Anyway, not sure if you have seen the show before but it is fantastic.

  6. MCH is an AMAZING actor with an icredible presence and intensity if you ask me.

    No, he's not gay :) Goes to show what a good actor he is since he's very believable in the role of David Fisher.

    6FU is a wonderful series, very, very well written. I haven't seen anything like it since. Glad, you're catching up with it, Joey.