Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The void you leave behind...

There is a huge emptiness inside of us.

A silence that is almost tangible, surrounding us, stifling us.

Our world is off kilter.

Our safety net is gone.

Who is going to have our back now?

Who will be there to always rely on?

Who will encourage us, offer valuable advice or a push us in the right direction when needed?

There is a black hole in our universe sucking out the colors and the joy.

We‘re numb.

The void you left behind... we feel it keenly.

And yet...

The love you gave us all remains with us.

The foundations you laid for this family have made us strong enough to overcome the darkness and the pain. 

We‘ll remember the good times.

Your laughter and happiness.

Your incredible strength and protectiveness.

Your unshakable trust and confidence in those who were dearest to you.

There is no need to say goodbye, for you will be forever with us!

R. I. P. 
dear „V├Ąterchen“


  1. Very, very touching as well as inspiring words.