Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pumpkin Carving...

The perfect way to spend a gray and misty Sunday afternoon :)
(Now I'm ready for Halloween tomorrow)


  1. Awesome! I can see you love Halloween as much as I do and so cool that you made your own decoration :)

  2. Thanks, Joey.

    Actually, that goes back to my youth, when I grew up with Americans in the neighborhood. They introduced us kids to Halloween and Trick or Treat ;)

    These days it's mostly a money-making machine for the entertainment industry over here. But who am I to turn away the adorable neighborhood kids from my door :)

  3. Really? Must have been nice to grow up with Americans in the neighborhood.

    Unfortunately, as you already pointed out, Halloween has lost most of its original meaning and most Americans don't even know the history behind it which is very sad. Just yesterday, my Welsh friend educated me about Halloween and it was so interesting to hear what it was all about back in the days.

  4. Fantastic pumpkins! Did you carve both of those yourself? They look amazing all lit up.

    Do the kids trick and treat at Hallowe'en in Germany as well? They do here but not to the extent that they do in the US.

  5. Hey Caz,

    yes, I carved them myself. They do trick and treat over here since a couple of years ago. It never was celebrated as enthusiastically as in the USA though. Just a handful of kids and I'm sure, most don't even know about the meaning of Halloween.

    Still feels weird to me that we just "adopt" hollyday traditions from other countries. I have fond memories of it though, since I grew up with Americans in the neighborhood and they introduced us to Halloween long before anybody over here even spoke about this.

    It was always so much fun when they took us to the military base here and we got to celebrate a "proper" Halloween :)

  6. Hey ^^" This looks awesomely amazing, wow I wish I could do that!! Happy halloween by the way!! < sorry this is late =)

  7. Hey Farrah *is waving*

    Thanks for checking out this blog :)

    Hope you had a Happy Halloween yourself (that is, IF they celebrate it at your end of the world ;)