Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pimped our upstairs bathroom...

Since we moved our bedroom to the attic we only have a tiny bathroom on that floor (The "master" bathroom is downstairs). I never was quite happy with it, so today I finally got round to redecorating and changing little things. It's amazing what a difference it makes :)'s after...

 This picture is from our holidays in Usedom this year :)


  1. Wow! You really did a fabulous job. It looks beautiful and I can clearly see you have an eye for decoration. The brown tone gives the bathroom a warm atmosphere and so do the candles. Well done, girl.

    You should never see our apartment then LOL. We don't really care much about decoration as long as it is comfortable at home for us.

  2. I thrive on interior design and decoration.

    Thanks to the internet and some GORGEOUS and inspirational blogs, it's something I've come to enjoy immensely recently.

    A home always have to be comfortable for the people who live in it. I just hate super-styled "lifeless" homes that look like a page out of a glossy magazine and don't feel as if someone is actually living there.

  3. That's wonderful if you have found a new passion in interior design and decoration. I can tell you are a natural.

    Yes, I agree. Everyone's perception of comfortable is different and we like our place and the way we furnished it. Especially celebs have ridiculous places and everything seems rather staged than lively.