Saturday, 17 September 2011

Goodbye Summer!

While I hate to say goodbye to summer, there are also a couple of things I‘m looking forward to with the beginning of the fall season.

  • The cool, crisp morning air.
  • The leaves‘ beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange and brown.
  • A hot cup of tea after a long walk in the cold.
  • Huddling beneath the covers on a lazy Sunday morning while listening to the rain drumming against the windows.
  • Wearing scarfs and wool hats.
  • Fall dresses
  • A relaxing soak in the tub with a glass of red wine at hand.
  • Candle lights.
  • Listening to music while sitting in front of our fire place with a cozy fire burning.
  • Curling up in my favorite leather chair with a book and a single malt

I really love the changing seasons since they inspires me to reflect on my life and the changes/choices that have come my way.

Looking forward to all this (even though, I‘m going to miss the sun on my skin, and the seemingly endless summer nights).

Goodbye summer!

1 comment:

  1. Goodbye summer and hello fall :)

    Except for the "fall dresses" (I don't do dresses) and "red wine," I agree on everything you wrote. Fall/winter are seasons I wouldn't wanna miss out on although I don't like snow or cold weather. Nonetheless, I couldn't imagine to live somewhere where only one season exists.

    And TE celebrates its two-year anniversary in January :)