Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Starting "Me-Time" and my "Creative Week"...

Two weeks off work, starting tomorrow! 

Oh the sheer bliss of having time at my hands...

First on the agenda: Be creative!

It‘s been a while since I indulged my muse and satisfied my „creative urges“.

Well, the new blogger layout is a start, right? :)

I hope I‘ll get round to uploading some more galleries soon and get the „travel“ section on my blog started (I‘ve already sorted through the pics from our trip to China). And then there‘s some other pics, I would like to put up here.

And with the upcoming trip to the North Sea and Berlin, I‘m sure the Nikon 
will be put to good use :)

Also, there are some fics to finish.

It‘s just a wonderful feeling to get away from work for a fortnight.
Some quality-time with Best Hubby in the World and time for my true passions.

What more could a girl want?


  1. Well, first of all have a wonderful vacation with your best hubby of the world and I know you will enjoy every second of it.

    Glad you finally have some time to get creative again and good job with the new layout. I'm sure you are excited to finally have some time to yourself and all your passions you so dearly love.

  2. Thanks, Joey.

    I'm sure we'll make the most of our vacation time :)

  3. Have a fabulous 'creative' time. You deserve it. :o)


  4. Thanks, Caz. Hope things are fine at your end too.