Thursday, 22 September 2011

Impressions of a Small Island...

The perfect place for a break
all photos © Lausi

Just back from a wonderful "mini-break" on the Island Usedom. The weather was spectacular. So was the food and the surroundings (and the fabulous Spa in our hotel sure didn't hurt either ;)

A really perfect place for a quick get-away. We'll be back!

For more pics go to  my Travels page or click on the picture below.

all photos © Lausi


  1. Welcome back from your vacation, girl. Glad you had such a lovely time and I already browsed through your beautiful photos. The seagull one is my favorite. I also like the one with the yellow umbrellas and blue chairs. Such a wonderful color contrast.

    I know you are a fan of photoshop, but I believe they would look just as nice if you didn't alter them with the program. That's just my point of view though as I prefer photos the 'natural' way. Nonetheless yours are all great and the creativity you put into them.

  2. Thanks Joey. You know, the fun with Instagram for me is exactly the fact that they ARE completly "artificial" and don't reflect the "real" photography. They are great to emphasize a certain "mood" though ;)

    I consider Instagram really just a fun-tool.

    As for my "other" (more serious photography), I prefer the more "natural" photos too, but I'd NEVER upload my original/raw material here. Too afraid it would be used w/o my permission.

    It really depends on what I want to do with a photo. For sharing on the blog here, it's great fun experimenting with photoshop and different filters :)

    From an "artistic" pov, I think, it's a matter of personal taste and I enjoy both worlds - the purist's choice of not altering a shot, and the other way of exploring the possibilities of digital photography and altering it through software tools.