Friday, 23 September 2011

House Project: Fall Planting...

Goodness... Who says gardening is good for you?!?!

Today is definitely one of the days I feel a hundred years old... We finally got round to buying the plants and the tree for the front yard - fall being the "perfect" plant time and all (so we've been told). It was hard work, let me tell you this! All the digging, watering, shovelling of dirt....

Anyway... looking at the end results we're really happy about it.

If you'll excuse me now... I need a hot bath (as long as the old bones are still functioning... I don't dare thinking about how sore my poor muscles will feel tomorrow *sigh*)


  1. Definitely worth the effort, looks great, but I bet you were back in Usedom with its spa facilities! Hope you weren't too achy today. xx

  2. Thanks, Caz :)

    We fit in three hours at the day-Spa today :)
    Did a world of good.

    I just hope the plants will survive the upcoming winter which they already said will be the hardest EVER.... (and isn't that just peachy? The last winter was really hard and long too. Never had so much snow before in my whole life *sigh*)

    Take care and I hope things are fine with you, Ken and the doggy.