Friday, 26 August 2011

Reactivating an old "acquaintance"...

Yesterday evening I dragged out this "old acquaintance" of mine...(up on the attic)... 

 dragged out of the corner to be used again :)

I haven't used my cross trainer in over a year and I would have preferred a jog through the park instead, but thanks to a rather scary thunderstorm rolling in (and it WAS like dooms day outside), I opted for the trusted excercise machine instead.

 scary, isn't it? No weather to be outside and running... right?

Doing cardio excercise up on the attic with a room temperature of 32 °C  is...uhm... shall we say a bit on the sweaty side (even before having made a single step!)

Still... I felt great after the 40 minutes workout.

Now that the cross trainer is out in the open again, I'm sure, I'll use it more in the future (especially when the weather gets cold and nasty again with the fall season setting in).

PS: Found out my iPad fits perfectly on the console of the cross trainer.
(Now.... watching Don Flack and & Co. solving crimes while sweating on the excercise machine is a nice distraction :)

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