Sunday, 17 July 2011

Weekend in Cologne...

We had a marvelous weekend in Cologne. Met some very lovely people, enjoyed the glorious weather, delightful strolls along the riverside and an amazing evening with the most delicious food and wine one could ask for.

Where we stayed at:

The art‘otel Cologne. Awesome place!

It features the art of Korean-born artis Seo. Her artwork is presented throughout the hotel.  Seo, a master-class student of Georg Baselitz, now lives and works in Berlin. The hotel‘s collection includes 18 large-scale originals that were created  over a span of three years specifically for this hotel.

Friday, late night dinner at the hotel's Pan-Asian restaurant Chino Latino. What an AMAZING experience. It has to be said though that you‘re better not in a hurry to eat when you go there. It took over an hour until the food was served (to be fair: they said it was due to the second kitchen chef calling in sick that night and they couldn't find a replacement on such a short notice). Anyway, it was so worth waiting for it!

The sushi is the best I have ever had outside of Japan/Asia! The sushi chef is only 19 years old but already a true master of his art. You can watch him prepare his creations in the open kitchen and that alone is entertaining enough to pass the time. Frank had roast beef on hot stones that was very tender, delicious and cooked exactly to the point. No wonder they were voted best Asian restaurant in Cologne in 2011.

Served complimentary were fried lotus roots and sweet potato chips with a Mango/Chili-Pepper dip. The dip was from beyond this world! (Note to self: next time, watch out NOT to accidentally bite on one of the red hot chili-pepper seeds! Unless you intend to give your fire-spitting dragon impression!)

Saturday we took some time to shop and then hubby wanted to go and visit the biggest music store in Europe. Even though I was slightly panicked that this would mean we‘d go home with another guitar added to Frank‘s huge collection, I happily trotted along. I really love guitars too. I admire the craftsmanship that goes into making such a beautiful instrument that a good acoustic guitar represents.

Anyway, this shop is not only an El Dorado for professional musicians but it was great fun for me to explore too, since they have a coffee bar designed with lots of original pieces and mementos of the Fifties (including an original pink-colored Fender Buick :)

I had a blast :)

All in all, a very nice trip to a city that really charmed us. That was definitely not the last time we‘ve been there.

(all photos © Lausi; using Nikon D80 + iPhone/Instagram)

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  1. Hello Lausi,

    we are thrilled to hear that you enjoyed your food at Chino Latino Cologne and art'otel and are very thankful for your kind mentions. We will forward your kind words to the Sushi chef who will be delighted to hear how much you enjoyed his food. Please spread the word! We would be honored to welcome you again in one of our other art'otels in Berlin, Dresden, Budapest, or soon in Amsterdam or London. Keep up the food-loving, it certainly is fun to read your blog!

    With artsy regards,

    Angelina Callawege
    Online Marketing Coordinator Germany & Hungary