Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rainy Day and Retail Therapy

Rainy summer day? More like rainy summer month! That‘s it! I‘ve had it with July. Nothing but rain, rain, rain. There is something seriously wrong about wearing a trench coat plus a summer scarf (!) and carrying the biggest umbrella you can find for a walk into town. We‘re talking end of July here, people. Excuse me, but could we have some summer first, as in high temperatures, sleeveless shirts and delicate summer dresses, before skipping that part and going directly to Fall season? This really sucks. I‘m counting on August now to make up for that sorry excuse of a summer we‘ve had so far. Or maybe we‘ve been given our summer already in the six weeks in April/May which were unusually hot and dry?!?! It‘s just really crazy. On top of the depressing weather, I came down with a nasty summer cold last weekend and only got out of bed yesterday. I was really hoping for some sun to warm up the old bones *head desk*

Anyway...  two things saved this Saturday: One, my appointment with my hairdresser  this morning (aka the man who never fails to lift my spirit! Thanks, Martin!) Two,  a bit of retail therapy in the afternoon. So later, I braced the rain and wind and trotted into town to get myself a bag which I had my eyes on for weeks now. Yup, it was still there, still gorgeous and not overly overpriced, so I bought it. *insert contented sigh here*.  My collection keeps crowing :) (Have I mentioned that I have a thing for bags and shoes? Have I?!?!?)

Since I didn‘t want to end up looking like a drowned rat after walking all the way back, I called best hubby in the world to pick me up. He did. Bless my baby! While waiting I indulged in an Espresso Macchiato with a portion of sweet, delicious elephant ears. Yummy!

Speaking of elephants.... Got these gorgeous Philippi bookends in the new store across from the cafe.
Retail Therapy? It sure worked for me today :) Now it‘s curling up on the sofa with a nice hot cuppa and a good book or movie later. (Yeah, I know... summer isn‘t exactly known for that type of „lame“ R&R activity *sigh*) 

Well, as soon as the sun makes an appearance again, I‘ll be the first to run outside and indulge in all sorts of fun-loving, sportive activities. (Wake me, when it‘s here!)

Happy Weekend!

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