Thursday, 23 June 2011

My still NOT quite perfect walk in closet...

I don‘t know if you are lucky enough to have a closet design that is a „walk in“. Congratulations if you have! Even more kudos to you when it is as neat and tidy as this one

I was convinced for many years that once I got a walk in closet it would be all peachy and wonderful and the times of piled up clothes hidden away behind closed closet doors would be behind me.

Uhm.... yeah, well....Didn‘t quite work out that way *head desk*

Sometimes closet organization in an open/generous space can be as problematic and troublesome as one that is very small. I have no idea how we did it when we had one closet only for both our wardrobe?!?! *stares suspiciously at hubby‘s many suits and shirts on the other side of the room*

Anyway, seems with all that space sometimes  „stuff“ just starts to pile up again and your walk in closet becomes just another cluttered space.

So here‘s what mine looked like before I finally got round to sorting it out this afternoon (oh the joys of a rainy day!)

Three hours, two huge plastic bags and a trip to the Red Cross clothes container later, this is what it looks like now. It‘s still a far cry from the perfectly organized closets in the ads, but I can live with the results.

Not that I consider myself sloppy (or hubby for that matter), but obviously,  a little bit of OCD would probably go a long way in this household #just saying


  1. You organized it very neatly, doll. It's not like you have the whole day every day to make sure it is aligned precisely like in the military. I'm sure it is still more organized than most people's closet and a walk-in closet is definitely something very practical to have. Although I have to admit that I'd exchange all your clothes with my vast DVD collection instead and make a library out of it LOL.

    1. Good thinking girl :)

      Uhm.... we already got a "library"...

      Look here ->

      It also hosts Frank's 300 DVDs and CD collection :D

    2. I must be the total opposite from you when it comes to clothes shopping and collecting hand bags ;)

      You call that a DVD collection? HAHA You should see mine.

    3. Uhm... yeah... I've got a thing for bags and shoes! *guilty as charged* :))))

      Remind me to not let you and Frank compare notes on DVD collecting then... We would need to add another extension to the house then (just to find space for the many DVDs :)))

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