Saturday, 23 April 2011

Summer Feeling in April....

...I totally dig that!

Seriously... this must be the hottest April in centuries. We had temperatures up to 28 °C (82,4 °F) yesterday and today. In fact, the weather has been glorious for over two weeks now. And it's supposed to stay that way for at least another week :)

Awesome. Everything in the garden seems much further than the time of year would suggest. Even my azalea has already started to bloom (it usually doesn't bloom before late May/early June :)

I just hope this dry and sunny April doesn't mean we'll get a wet and cold summer... *fingers crossed*

Impressions from our "April Garden": favorite spot on my terrace... 

Found this old, rusty amphora in the attic the other day. I have no idea why I haven't put it out into the garden before *mind boggles* beautiful lilac... :)

Rosemary blossoms...

...another favorite spot: the little pergola Frank built...

...perfect for gazing up into the sky and letting the mind wander :)

...the tulips were withered... time to plant some "fresh" colors on the terrace :)

...the first blossom on my azalea :)

...lavender: Love its scent and the blossoms ...


  1. Hmmmm - Looks very inviting . . . I wish I could sit there with you and enjoy this balmy weather. Love, Margo
    Easter Sunday, 04/24/2011

  2. Wish we could do that!
    *hugs* C.