Thursday, 14 April 2011

House project: The garages have been set up :)

Today the garages have been set up. YAY for  entering the next phase of our house project. If the weather holds up, we'll start on the pavement of the driveway this weekend :)

It's only now that I get a feeling for the "dimensions" of the backyard and the free space available.

Can't wait until the pavement is done and I can start on planning the sitting area and the plants and all.
 (We'll have some spare Thujas from where we'll create a pathway between both our backyards. They might come in handy  as a "green border" between the garage and the neighbor's house wall. Thanks to Photoshop I can have a "virtual sneak peek" :)

(hmm... we'll  see :)

Some ideas of how to "pimp" the garage wall ...

Wild wine would be a great choice since the old "goat stable" is also covered in wild wine.

Alternatively, blue wisteria (Soooo beautiful) ...

As for the driveway...
In the (near) future,  I would like for it to look a bit like this here...

It's really fun to think of all the options there are, especially since there is no need to hurry. 
With our own beautiful little garden just next door, we can take our time to plan carefully how to turn the new property into a nice place too.

Now fingers crossed that the weather will keep and we'll get lots of work done over the weekend :)

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