Saturday, 23 April 2011

House Project: Almost done :)

Best hubby in the world really deserves some TLC today. He and my father in law helped out the guy from the construction company who came to do the paving. They must have moved 20 tons of stones today. (And that in a real "summer" heat of 28 °C!)

My hero! Baby you're the best!

Here's what they have achieved today:

...finished the paving from the garages to the motobike garage and the goat stable :)

...can't believe how much the wild wine has grown over the last couple of days :)

The driveway is done so far that the first car (my father-in-law's)
can be parked there already :)

After Easter, the garages will be finished :)

...all in a day's work...

Well done!

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