Saturday, 30 April 2011

House Project: Putting in the finishing touches...

YAY the guys (and best hubby in the world) were AWESOME today!

They put the "finishing touches" to the rest of the paving  :)

It turned out so much better than I could have imagined from my first scribbled drawings on a piece of paper.

Now I've got time to think about the plants  and how to create a nice sitting area in front of the former goat stable. Can't wait :)


...this will be one sitting area....
(another will be next to the garages, I think)

The driveway (photo taken from the garage)
...we call this our   "private runway" ;)

...oh... and BTW... Frieda our "house blackbird" also approves of the "extension" to her territory ;)
(we have a blackbird pair that's been brooding in our garden for years now and we've named them Frieda + Roger :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

House Project: Done! It has a home ;)

Finally done with the driveway :)

YAY for my car having a "new home" now ;)
(and just at the right time since April has started to act "normal" again... meaning lots of, lots of rain!)

We're almost done with the rest of the paving as well :)

Really great work by the constructor and his people 
(as well as best hubby in the world and my father-in-law!)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Terrace Light...

Found this GORGEOUS basket lantern today. The perfect match to our terrace armchairs :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Summer Nights... April.

Yesterday, my baby and I sat outside until late into the night. 
Early summer feelings indeed :)

Soooo nice after the long and hard winter we had.



Saturday, 23 April 2011

House Project: Almost done :)

Best hubby in the world really deserves some TLC today. He and my father in law helped out the guy from the construction company who came to do the paving. They must have moved 20 tons of stones today. (And that in a real "summer" heat of 28 °C!)

My hero! Baby you're the best!

Here's what they have achieved today:

...finished the paving from the garages to the motobike garage and the goat stable :)

...can't believe how much the wild wine has grown over the last couple of days :)

The driveway is done so far that the first car (my father-in-law's)
can be parked there already :)

After Easter, the garages will be finished :)

...all in a day's work...

Well done!

Summer Feeling in April....

...I totally dig that!

Seriously... this must be the hottest April in centuries. We had temperatures up to 28 °C (82,4 °F) yesterday and today. In fact, the weather has been glorious for over two weeks now. And it's supposed to stay that way for at least another week :)

Awesome. Everything in the garden seems much further than the time of year would suggest. Even my azalea has already started to bloom (it usually doesn't bloom before late May/early June :)

I just hope this dry and sunny April doesn't mean we'll get a wet and cold summer... *fingers crossed*

Impressions from our "April Garden": favorite spot on my terrace... 

Found this old, rusty amphora in the attic the other day. I have no idea why I haven't put it out into the garden before *mind boggles* beautiful lilac... :)

Rosemary blossoms...

...another favorite spot: the little pergola Frank built...

...perfect for gazing up into the sky and letting the mind wander :)

...the tulips were withered... time to plant some "fresh" colors on the terrace :)

...the first blossom on my azalea :)

...lavender: Love its scent and the blossoms ...