Sunday, 13 March 2011

House Project - Phase 01: Turning a goat stable into a motorcycle garage :)

House Project...

Phase 01:

Turning this erstwhile goat stable into a temporary garage for our motorbikes...

When we bought our new property it came with this old „goat stable“ and two old sheds (in the background). The sheds will have to go or rather will have to be rebuilt, but we were determined to keep the goat stable. I‘m not sure yet what it‘ll end up being (probably storage room for the garden furniture etc.), but for starters and until the garages have been built, it‘ll substitute as a motorbike garage :)

It wasn't in the most prestine condition as you can see ...


But best hubby in the world and my father-in-law went to work and voilá, here‘s the „new“ temporary garage :)


There‘s a small hay loft above it which needs cleaning out still and the windows will be replaced soon too. I already love it! 

It looks great in summer with the wild wine from our garden covering it in lush greens. (Here‘s a glimpse at it taken last summer from our garden :)

 (not bad for a weekend's work, right? )

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