Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Writer's Block and Book Choices....

One good thing about my writer's block is that I finally get round to reading some of the books I've bought recently. I started out with Amy Chua's "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother"...

... I finished it  in two afternoons. Just couldn't put it down. I was really interested in this book since I spent a couple of days with a lady from Yixing recently. She's taking over the job as assistant to the president of our company's Chinese Joint Venture and it was her first time in Europe. What she told me about her daughter and her own upbringing left me speechless. The obvious cultural differences in our upbringing and our value systems, made me want to look beyond my own nose and curious to understand why we (Western world) and our co-workers in China think so differently. This book provided some answers to that.

Chua's book was a fascinating read for me. It's not only thought-provoking but also really funny and hilarious and there's a lot of love shining through despite  Amy's strict Chinese parenting system.  I loved this book!

Edward Conlon's "Blue Blood" is another great book I just started. It gives an amazing insight into the life of a NYPD cop (Conlon is a Harvard graduate who followed his "calling" to become a NYPD cop!)

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