Sunday, 13 February 2011

Why I don't need Valentine's Day :)

I am no cynic. On the contrary, I am a hopeless romantic!

However... „Valentine‘s Day“ and its commercialized hype is totally beyond me. As is so often the case with the fixed calender dates that demand we pay special attention to the loved ones in our life (that goes for Mother‘s Day too, by the way).

I mean, why is it that on that particular day people think they have to go out of their way to demonstrate „publicly“ how in love they are with their significant other? Thus demonstrated more often than not by taking them out to a fancy restaurant treating them to an over-priced five-course meal. Throw in some flowers/roses and a candy box on top of it and you‘ll see why the money-making machinery is loving this „celebration day“ so much.

To me, there is nothing remotely romantic about such a predictable day and course of action.

How much more romantic is it to be treated to a breakfast in bed on any given ordinary weekday? Or to be brought flowers without any specific reason? Or to smuggle a note or little token into hubby‘s luggage before he‘s off to a business trip, for him to find when he‘s arrived at his destination :)

It‘s the little things like that, that say „I love you“ so much more convincing than a Hallmark card or a box of chocolates ever could.

Seriously... to me, there are much more important and significant days to celebrate.

Days with a personal meaning!

Having said all that... here‘s to my baby:

„I love you!“

(even if you don‘t get a Valentine‘s Card from me :)

PS: What makes this even more funny is, that until a couple of years ago, we didn't celebrate Valentine's Day in Europe. Not until some clever business people "adopted" this from America (along with Halloween.)


  1. I know!

    LOL :p

    Still, I find it very annoying to be single on Valentine's Day, if only because everyone keeps asking me what I'm going to do for it. Then I glower and go: dude, I'm single, I'll be doing homework and readin fic like any other day. *rolls eyes*

  2. Hey sweetie! *is waving*

    LOL... homework and reading fic is better than feeding the money machinery :)

    And yup... it's annoying to be asked by others what you're doing on that "special day" since you're single... *head desk*

    I can assure you, even though I'm NOT single... it's a day like any other for me too :) (and right now, I'd much rather have time to read/write fics than working *stares at workload*

  3. Hi there,

    I am single and I don't get Valentines Day but I do get the little chocolate hearts as a I am total choc-a-holic (I buy them for myself)!

    Talk to again later,