Friday, 4 February 2011

New haircut?!?! ....

I'm thinking about a new haircut. Right now I wear it quite long but cutting it shorter, say to shoulder length,  is very tempting. If only I could be sure, it would turn out just like this one sported by the GORGEOUS Sophie Marceau....

Speaking of.... she's one of the most gorgeous and naturally beautiful woman I can think of and I've been a fan of her ever since her "La Boum" days :)

I cannot wait for her latest movie "The Age of Reason" to come out on DVD.

Thank God, in Europe (and especially in France) we still have actresses on Televison and in the movies who look real and not like the often ridiculously "fake" Hollywood babes (with their fake boobs, mask-like "botox faces" and koi-carp lips :) #just saying 

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