Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Has the spark returned?

For a couple of weeks now, I haven’t been able to write. 

For whatever reasons the creative spark has gone. The well was dry and I was taking some time to spark the flames of my creative spirits and to recharge my writing mojo

Writing and being able to express myself plays an essential part in my life. It is also an indicator for my inner well-being. 

So usually, when I’m not able to write, something is just “off”. 

Maybe it’s the changes that are coming my way. The house we’ve bought recently, some other investments we undertook and then there’s the prospect of cutting down on my working hours (not that there’s any solution in sight on that front yet, but that’s another story  *head desk*)

Anyway, I’m not good with changes in general. 

I’m more of a cautious person, not much of a risk-taker.  I like things as they are and everything running smoothly. Still… I’m very happy with the decisions we made and looking forward to working on the “new house “ and all and having more time for myself. 

Then today, for the first time in weeks, I felt  it again… that familiar spark. This feeling of I cannot wait… to sit down, to put to paper a first draft, to watch a story unfold. 

I have missed that!

There’s also a strong longing to take some time out. To get away for a bit like in this picture above. To sit in a rocking chair, watching the sea and letting the mind drift - preferably with the love-of-my-life next to me

How does this sound to you, baby? 

Since it’ll be a while until we both can skip off for a week, I’ll make do with an afternoon off work today. Just to enjoy the glorious sunshine outside before the rat-race will continue tomorrow. 

And to hell with the workload on my desk…!

It’ll still be here tomorrow.

I’m just learning to listen to my heart and to enjoy the simple but good things in life, like taking half a day off before the cold, wet, gray winter weather returns :)

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